Yandere Heaven Series


Yandere Heaven Series:
;A; I hope you'll find these helpful in enjoying these Drama CDs even more :3 Just be warned that English is not my native language so... some translations might sound off >A<

Please click on the links below to read the available translations:
Yandere Heaven: Shinsei Gakuen Koutoubu Hen /complete
Yandere Heaven: Shinsei Gakuen Fuzoku Byouin Hen /available on a different site
Yandere Heaven: Shinsei Gakuen Gokatei Hen /complete
Yandere Heaven: Karei Naru Sanjou-ke Hen /complete
Yandere Heaven: Karei Naru Saionji-ke Hen /complete

A friend is doing a Portuguese translation for this series!
If you're interested visit her blog at:
~Yaoi ga Daisuki~

*If you want to translate the translations I am doing to another language please inform me and let's exchange links; credit and link backs please.
*Please don't use my translations without permission >A<
*For art and translation updates please like my page on FB:
☆H i m i★

- H i m i t s u

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Thank you so much for the translations! I can understand basic Japanese, but more complicated words are lost to my ear, so this is a godsend to have along while listening to the yandere CDs :D I look forward to the other translations :D

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Seriously can't wait for more! :D

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Woow thanks for the translations, I hope you do not mind the use to translate them into Spanish, of course I'll give the credits ^ ^

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