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Cintiq for Left-handed People

OS' Windows 8.1
Tablet: Wacom Cintiq13HD

This is for the left-handed people who bought their Cintiq13HD in Japan.
I am not sure if other versions are like this but the one from Japan doesn't have the Display option under the Wacom Tablet Settings where you can flip the tablet display.
We all know that the buttons are on the left side of the tablet which makes it for left-handed people to fully utilize them. One option is rotating your display 180 degrees so you ca flip your tablet to move the buttons to the right, but not only does your tablet display gets flipped, your monitor display as well.
I tried looking for ways but I couldn't find one... Maybe I just missed on some really useful links though.
Anyway, please try this:

Please let me know if it doesn't work.

Hope it helps!
- H i m i t s u ☆

Flash Problem

While I was listening to my friend's namahousou on NND, I realized I wasn't able to type in Japanese in the comment field. What I did was type on a notepad file then copy paste for the mean time. LOL

Then I tried googling in Japanese and I found out what to do to fix this. It worked for me, I hope it will work on you, too!

If you cannot type Japanese on (NND) Nico Nico Douga try this


For Vista32 users, navigate to:

Then look for this file:

Right click and open it with notepad, change the contents to this then save:


If you're not able to save it like me, copy the original mms.cgi file to another folder then edit it there. For some reason I was able to edit it that way, then delete the one on the flash folder then move the edited mms.cgi file in there instead. Restart Firefox and check if it's working.

Just in case anything happens, I suggest you save a back-up file of the original mms.cgi file :D

I hope this helps.


Amnesia Game Translation - WIP

05/09 - Finished up until 8月6日
02/19 - Started 08月1日
02/18 - Ikki's Route : In Progress
02/18 - Prologue : DONE

Translation Notes:
A semi-rough translation of the game. Links to respective routes are at the bottom.
Neither Japanese nor English is my native language, so the dialogues might sound off at times.
In place of those dialogues I cannot translate, I'll type a short narrative of what happened instead in italic. Or the actual Japanese text if I don't really understand it. lol

01/16 : Started the game with Ikki's route
02/15 : Completed All Endings; Ended with Ukyou's Good End

How to use this translation:
+In-game choices are marked with a star (★) followed by:
+Respective responses from the characters based on the answers which are hidden so they're written in white font after this sign ">!".

If you have questions, please leave a comment! ^w^ I hope this will help you enjoy the game better!

Game Controls & Tips: HERE!


+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +
Orion: Uhm..

Orion: ….

Orion: Hello? Are you still alive?

Orion: ….

Orion: ….This is bad if they found out that I killed a human, I might be given death penalty!

Orion: ….Ah! You’re awake!

Orion: How are you feeling? Does it hurt anywhere? Can you see me?

Orion: ….Ahh!! Thank goodness, you’re alive! I was so scared, I thought I’ve killed you.

Orion: ….Ah! Well, I’m telling you I'm not anything evil.

Orion: I didn’t hit you, nor pushed you off a cliff. I didn’t pulled you towards a car either.

Orion: …Hahaha… If you’re wondering what on earth am I…

Orion: Well I’m just a spirit who accidentally entered your mind.

Orion: ….

Orion: ….Uhm… If you’ll say something like “Just who the heck is this guy?” or “What on earth is happening?” I’d be glad though but…

Orion: Ne, are you really alright? Can you see me?

★Yes, I can see an insect
>!(Orion: I-insect?! You mean a beautiful insect like a butterfly or a dragonfly, right?! Ah~ I’m glad you understand what this antenna fashion sense is. Ha…haha…hahahaha….)

★I see an inhuman entity
>!(Orion: ….Well… I am indeed an inhuman entity but being able to judge it that way under this kind of situation, you’re quite something. But you see, if we were to put it more lightly、it’s like were heading to a smooth relationship?)

★I can see a strange kid
>!(Orion: Waa! Thank you for that cool answer, that’s what I just wanted. But you see, I’m no strange kid. It’s just that I’m different from you, because I’m a spirit.)

Orion: Haa… At any rate, what matters most is that you can recognize me.

Orion: By the way, you’re quite calm.

Orion: Weren’t you supposed to go “Kyaa! Where am I? Who are you?!”…

Orion: Don’t tell me aside from your memories, even your personality disappeared?

Orion: ….

Orion: …..

Orion: …. This is bad!

Orion: …..For the mean time, I’ll explain everything from the start.

Orion: I’m Orion, a spirit who came from a different world.

Orion: Then, I had some business to do so I went to the human realm…

Orion: And then it happened; I bumped into you.

Orion: I don’t understand it very well but it seems like I got trapped inside your mind.

Orion: And from that shock you ended up losing consciousness.

Orion: Well, it’s kind’a hard to say but…

Orion: During that time your memories flew away somewhere else too. Yaa~ What a thing to happen.

Orion: ….

Orion: I’m sorry, you should be spilling it all out now. (your anger)

Orion: Right now there are so many things that you should be saying, please don’t ignore them.

★I understand it properly but…
>!(Orion: Eh? Really? Well, you just woke up in a different dimension and an inhuman entity suddenly started talking nonstop after all. There’s no other choice but to believe if you were told something this absurd.)

★There are just so many things to say…
>!(Orion: Iya~ That’s right. Just like what you said. Ahaha…)

Orion: …. I’m sorry for being inattentive that time, I will do anything I can in order to bring back your memories.

Orion: Speaking of which, if we don’t get your memories back I can’t get out of your mind either.

Orion: ….I’m not very sure about it but…

Orion: I guess I got trapped inside your mind in place of your lost memories.

Orion: Can you just think of it like, I pushed your memories away the moment I got inside your mind?

Orion: So if your memories were about to return, I should be pushed out this time.

Orion: There might be some other ways out there but…

Orion: Aside from that I cannot think of any other way right now.

Orion: I’m really sorry that you lost your memories because of me. That’s why let’s work together to get them back!

> (Orion: Thank goodness! Thank you for your understanding. But it wouldn’t be strange if you were to say “Bear with it!” anyway. You understand things pretty fast. Un, I’m glad it’s your mind that I got trapped into.) Go to A2

★I can’t be satisfied with that…
>!(Orion: I’m sorry… You’re right. But this is reality. I know it’s my fault and I’m really sorry about it but for now there’s nothing we can do, can we just cooperate for now?) Go to A1

>!(Orion: Thank goodness! Thank you for your understanding. But it wouldn’t be strange if you were to say “Bear with it!” anyway. You understand things pretty fast. Un, I’m glad it’s your mind that I got trapped into.)
>!(Orion: Don’t keep silent. I’m sorry. I will really work hard!)

Orion: Well, for now that’s how it is.

Orion: We should cooperate and get your memories back.

Orion: I’ll do anything that I can… is what I wanna say but there are just so many limits to what I can really do.

Orion: I can’t intervene with the human world. I cannot touch you and you cannot touch me either.

Orion: And no one aside from you can see me nor hear me.

Orion: So I cannot really do anything much in your place.

Orion: And also I cannot distance myself from you for more than 10 meters.

Orion: I said I’ll do anything but in the end, there’s nothing I can really do for you but to support and cheer you on.

Orion: ….

Orion: But don’t you think it’s better rather than having no one at all? Whatever happens, I’ll always be on your side.

Orion: I can guarantee that I won’t be saying things like “The criminal is Orion!”

★But you’re not any help at all…
>!(Orion: Uwa! That hurts! Your words just plunged in! Here in my chest!)

★If that’s so, then I guess I’m thankful…
>!(Orion: Thank you! I’m glad you said that… Hehe~ From now on let’s work hard, okay?)

Orion: ….

Orion: Uhm… You don’t really remember anything?

Orion: Like your name? At least you could remember your name, right?

[Restart] [Erase] [Set]

Orion: Is that your name?

★I guess…
>!(Orion: Got it! It’s already a big thing that you could remember that.)

★It just appeared in my mind…
>!(Orion: Is that so… But if that’s the name you remembered upon being asked, then I think you might be right. It’s alright, it’s one step forward!)

Orion: Okay! Well then… Even if we stay here there’s nothing we can do so for now let’s go back to your world.

Orion: E? Where is this place?! Well… it would be difficult to explain but…

Orion: I guess calling this “The Space in Between” would be the closest.

Orion: In this place there are many possibilities. And based on those possibilities there are parallel worlds that exist.

Orion: For example, in this one world you could be a student but in another world you could already be working.

Orion: This place is like the gap between the other parallel worlds which are unconnected.

Orion: To put it simply, you’re like floating in this gap which could lead us to different worlds.

Orion: But I don’t know from which world you came from…

Orion: Ah, but it doesn’t change the fact that no matter which world you pick, you still existed in that certain world.

Orion: Because there’s no right or wrong world in these parallel worlds.

Orion: So let’s go to that world where you used to be and will be and get back all your memories!

Orion: Speaking of which, there are many ways to recover your memories like listening to your friends’ stories or checking out your phone history.

Orion: ….Ah, but wait a minute. Just be very careful to whom you’ll be asking for advice from.

Orion: There are so many kinds of people in the human world. So it’s better to let only the person you trust know about your amnesia.

Orion: They might tell you things which never really happened.

Orion: "I lend you 1,000,000 yen so be sure to return it!" something like that.

Orion: If you were told something like that you cannot tell whether it’s true or not, right?

Orion: You might be introduced to a fake boyfriend of yours, and your real boyfriend might be taken away too.

Orion: Or if you’re told that you don’t have any jobs but in fact you do or you just got fired or something.

Orion: Or someone who’s a complete stranger comes up to you and introduces himself as your best friend then invites you to start some business

Orion: And finally you fall for some bad trick and you find yourself in a ship being exported to some place abroad...!

Orion: ….Right? If things like that happened, it would be troublesome.

★Aren’t you thinking too much….?
>!(Orion: Is that so? But think of it the other way. If you were able to get in contact with a good person and tell him you’ve lost your memories…)

★I can go to the police, right?
>!(Orion: Un, I got it. But the police couldn’t possibly know you, right?)

Orion: Then what will you do?

Orion: If you think about it, if you tell them you’ve lost your memories wouldn’t it be normal that they’d take you to the hospital?

Orion: Until you get your memories back you’ll end up getting confined either in your home or in the hospital.

Orion: And even if you could go out for a bit, most of your time will be spent inside.

Orion: Normally that would be fine, but in your case it would be bad.

Orion: Because you didn’t lose your memories from any kind of problem regarding the brain.

Orion: I pushed your memories out.

Orion: And you won’t recover your memories even if you get confined. Instead, it will only deteriorate since there aren’t any stimuli to trigger the recovery of those memories.

Orion: Your condition will only worsen if you stay inside your room alone.

Orion: You might even forget how to drink water or even how to breathe…!

Orion: So in order not to have a bad ending with that we should start with the first step!!

Orion: Data gathering!

Orion: If possible, you should meet up with your friends and find out what type of person you used to be.

Orion: Who are you, your family, what kind of relationships you have, what are the things you wanted to do.

Orion: Do that and collect information in order to get back your memories.

Orion: Those might be triggers for you to remember the past.

Orion: Then I’ll get pushed out and finally be separated from you.

Orion: Right now it might be very risky but that’s the only reliable way we have.

Orion: …Sorry. I kept on making you feel worried with all the talk I did.

Orion: But don’t you think it would be best to consult your family first?

Orion: It’s not guaranteed that they’d believe you if you tell them some spirit got into your mind and pushed your memories away but at least they could tell you your personal information.

Orion: Then let’s just think of what to do next after that.

Orion: Well then, let’s return to the world you used to live in!

Orion: It’s easy, just close your eyes and it will appear in your mind.

Orion: Whatever it is that will appear in your mind will be the world that you wanted.

Orion: But I think there might be multiple worlds that will appear.

Orion: Go with where you think you belong.

★World of Hearts
★World of Spades
★World of Clubs
★World of Diamonds

★World of Joker (will be unlocked after completing the Good Endings)


[TL] Amnesia: Ikki

senpai - senior
kouhai - junior
otsukare-sama - said after a day of work
yoroshiku or yoroshiku onegaishimasu -is normally translated as "I'm in your care" or "Please"

/ if you find any other untranslated terms you don't understand please leave a comment :) /

World of Spades:

Orion: Ah, you’re awake?
Orion: How are you feeling? Does it hurt anywhere? Can you see me?

>!(Orion: Thank goodness! You remembered everything we talked about earlier, right? Un! Looks like you’re doing good. Makes me feel at ease.)
>!(Orion: Uhm… That’s a joke, right? Iya~ You’re really calm, aren’t you? I’m surprised at how you can easily tell a joke upon waking up.)
★Who are you?
>!(Orion: Give me a break… If you’re really serious, you should go and push that reset button and pick up “Restart” okay?)

Orion: Okay, let’s stop fooling around. I’ll tell you again my name’s Orion.

Orion: Of course you remember it, right? I’ll be your partner from now on so I’m in your care.

Orion: Well then, we were talking about consulting your family, right?

Orion: If you ask them about your personal information, your memories will surely come back.

Orion:… The only problem is that…

Orion: It seems like you’re living alone!

Orion:… Well while you were sleeping, I kind’a looked around your place.

/Orion explains the stuff he saw in your room and tells you that it doesn’t seem like your family lives around the area. He asks you if you think it is really your room and if you can remember anything after looking around/

★I cannot remember anything…
>!(Orion: Is that so… Well it’s not like it’ll be that easy)
★I don’t remember anything at all…
>!(Orion: Eh? You mean, there are chances that this isn’t your room at all? No, if we were to think of that there’ll be no end to this. It would be unnatural for you to be in your pajamas if this isn’t your room, right?)

/Orion then suggests you look around the area. He tells you that the things he’s sure about are 1. You live alone 2. It’s August./

>!(Orion: Writing implements, stationery, envelope… Haa there’s nothing in here that could tell what kind of person you used to be.)
★Inside the double door?
>!(Orion: Hmm there really isn’t anything to see here. Hn? There’s something inside! What’s this? Eh? Isn’t this just a shoujo manga?! Don’t hide such things like this)
★Book shelf
>!(Orion: Hmm… There isn’t any album here or anything, huh… If only there’s a photo or something it could be a trigger for the recovery of your memory. U—n the other stuff in here are difficult-looking books. *reads the titles of the books* Are you perhaps a student of Psychology?)
>!(Orion: This is the bed where you’ve been sleeping a while ago, right? You were just sleeping here a moment ago and now it’s all fixed. By the way, it’s natural for you to fix your bed the moment you get up, huh?)
>!(Orion: You slept while the aircon is turned on all night, huh? That’s why the temperature feels just right. I’m pretty satisfied.)
★Above the table
>!(Orion: Were you even doing some kind of school report? Ah there’s a memo pad here, let’s take a look at it later!)
>!(Orion: Hmm…There are some wrappers here.)
★Hat rack
>!(Orion: Uhm… There’s a hat here that is kind’a out of the season. I think a more refreshing hat would be better.)
>!(Orion: Ah! Your student ID card is here! With this we can learn lots of things about you…) Go to B1


Orion: Un, the name you remembered was right.

Orion: And it seems like you’re a university student; A first-year studying Psychology.

Orion: Even your university address is here. With this we can drop by your school, right?

Orion: Hn… But wait a minute. Since it’s August, isn’t it summer vacation?

Orion:…Eh!? You’re amazed why I know such things even though I’m a spirit?

Orion: Fufun! Even though I look like this, I’m pretty knowledgeable regarding the human world.

Orion: Eh? Then that means…

Orion: Lucky! We have the whole month to delay!

Orion: We might be able to get your memories back before the classes resume and before we get bombarded with miscellaneous and unexpected stuff.

Orion: The more you meet with people, the higher the chances of you recovering you memories. But so does the chances of you getting tricked.

Orion: Having the whole summer vacation to ourselves is such a lucky thing. Let’s work hard to meet our goal!

★You don’t have to be that cautious…
>!(Orion: You’re still saying that? Listen here, if you keep on saying such naïve stuff, you’ll end up getting tricked by evil people. 99% of the human population is made up of greedy people who think of nothing but self-satisfaction. I’ve heard a lot of scary stories from my “senpai” who came from the human world. That’s why you should always be prepared, don’t get tricked, okay?)
★Un, let’s hurry
>!(Orion: I’ll cooperate with all that I have, too so let’s work hard!)

Orion:Well then…

Orion:…Ah! Phone! It’s your phone!

Orion: This is it! The best source for data. Let’s check out the contents.

Orion: You might remember something if we look at your mails or call history.

★You’re right, let’s check it out quick
>!(Orion: I wonder if there are clearly named contacts such as “Mom” or “Friend”)
★I’m sort of scared to look at it…
>!(Orion: I see… You’re worried. We don’t know what’s inside after all. But be brave, we need to do this in order to get your memories back)

Orion: Ah! As I’ve expected! It’s indeed August, look at the date on display.

Orion: Yay! It’s the first of August, we have enough time!

Orion: Let’s check your contact list for someone who might be a member of your family.

Orion: If that won’t work, try your going through your inbox…

-phone rings-

Orion: Uwa!

Orion: W-What?! An incoming call? But we haven’t discovered anything yet!


Orion: …W-wait a minute! Just right now, you were about to press the Answer button without any hesitation, weren’t you?!

Orion: Ahm… It might be annoying but…

Orion: If the person on the other line happens to be a bad person, you cannot let him know you have amnesia!

Orion: For example, it could be someone who’s head over heels in love with you planning to cause you lots of trouble!

Orion: But if you suddenly declare “I’m your lover!” then there are chances that he might believe, right?

Orion: …Okay? So in order for that not to happen we should test out the information we have and be cautious in our actions.

Orion: …Ah ,right. The phone’s still ringing, isn’t it? Are you okay?


Orion: This person seems like determined, huh. Let’s wait for another minute.

Orion: By the way this person calling is called “Ikkyuu-san” but…

Orion: Is this name only a nick-name? Real name? A guy? Or a girl?

Orion: ….U-n. If we think about it, it might be a friend of yours or someone from your university. You attached a –san so it might be someone superior.

Orion: I’m quite nervous, but how about you try answering it? We might get some information.

Ikki: A, you finally answered. It’s me.

Ikki: You’re free from your part-time job today, right? Can you go out? Let’s go out somewhere.

Ikki: Where do you wanna go? If it’s today, we can take our time.

Orion: W…Wait wait wait!

Orion: The way the conversation goes is already complicated, then you suddenly get invited to go out?

Ikki: We have a lot of time so it’s alright to request anything you want.

Orion: It’s not about anything you want!

Orion: We’ve taken all the trouble to answer the phone, why not tell us your personal information at least?

Orion: I know we’re all confused and stuff but!

Orion: U— What should we do… Uhm… For the mean time try to continue with the conversation!

★Where are we going?
>!(Ikki: Anywhere you wanna go. How about we go watch a movie? Or would you like to drop by my place? Ah, if you’re about to do so, I’d like you to be prepared.
Orion: Prepare? What do you mean by prepare?
Ikki: I’m just kidding! Don’t be silent. It’s really fine wherever we go; I just wanted to see you.)

★Today’s a day-off?
>!(Ikki: Ha? If it isn’t your day-off then you’re already late. Both of us are off today, right? That’s why I’m inviting you on a date.)

Orion: Date? So that means you two are lovers? Wait! Isn’t it too early to judge it that way?

Orion: What should we do? Should we meet with him?

Orion: If he’s really your boyfriend, then the chances of him being our ally is high.

Orion: For the mean time, keep the fact that you have amnesia and decide later on if we can trust him or not.

Orion: Ma--- Even if we were to hide it, we don’t really know how you usually speak…

Orion: Well, it seems like he’s someone older than you. My intuition says so.

Orion: If that is so, are you perhaps the type of person who uses “keigo” (formal Japanese) when speaking to someone older?

Orion: ….

Orion: Ahaha, there’s no way you’d know, right—

Orion: That’s where we will have to gamble!

Orion: Whether you talk in “keigo” or in a casual way, just pick whichever you want and that would be your final answer!!

★Un, I’ll go (casual)
>!(Ikki: Eh? What a surprise. What? You’ve already graduated from using keigo?
Orion: Ah… We picked the wrong choice.
Ikki: Maa, I don’t really mind since it feels like the distance between us has narrowed.
Ikki: Then I’ll be there within 30 minutes. Do your preparation.
Orion:…A-a. We missed. So it has always been keigo.
But thanks to that we can talk casually now. Ok, Ok.)

★Yes, I will go (keigo)
>!(Ikki: Good. You fell silent so I was kind’a nervous.
Ikki: Then I’ll be there within 30 minutes. Do your preparation.
Orion: Un, we were right.)

Orion: For the mean time we’ve cleared the first part.

Orion: The second part is going on a date with a guy we don’t even know the face and get some information!

Orion: By the way, what a sudden surprise. What is all this mess.

Orion: But since we’ve already decided we’ll go, it’s no use thinking about it too much. Rather than worrying about it, it’s better to just go and do something.

Orion: Ah right, before you go out we should check out your mail history.

Orion: Let’s see how you usually converse with this Ikkyuu-san.

Orion: …….

Orion: …E-tto. Why aren’t there any mails in here? Even your phone call history.

Orion: ….

Orion: Uwa! The only data here is Ikkyuu-san’s phone number! What happened?

Orion: ….

Orion: …Ah, that’s right! Maybe you broke your old phone and you just had it replaced recently, what do you think?

Orion: It might have been submerged into water, or you could have dropped and stepped on it. If something like that really happened, then this is only normal. Un, I’m pretty satisfied.

Orion: ….but why at a time like this…

Orion: …The only thing we have here is this “Ikkyuu-san”, huh…

Orion: Losing your memories, having your family nowhere beside you and the only data available to you is your own name and your boyfriend’s phone number…

Orion: Don’t you think it’s your typical horror story?

Orion: Ah, no… What about a suspense story?

Orion: …..Haa.

Orion: For the mean time! It’s really a difficult situation but the only thing we could do is follow whatever clue we have.

Orion: Hurry up and prepare for your date. We should meet with him first because nothing will happen if we don’t do anything.


Orion: ….Ah, while you were changing it feels like 30 minutes have passed.


Orion: Haa… It makes your heart beat faster, right?


Orion: He’s not coming, is he?


Orion: Wait a minute! Isn’t it too late?!

Orion: What is he up to making a girl wait this long? He didn’t even bother to contact you!

Orion:…Wait, it might be possible that you always meet outside.

Orion: If that’s the case then the one who’s making someone wait is us. Why don’t we go down and see if he’s there.

Orion: It’s so cooooold!

Orion: What was that? What was that just now? It’s just August right? And August means summer, right?!

Orion: But with this temperature, it feels like it’s already autumn. It’s too cold to wear a shirt!

Orion: For the mean time, you’ll catch a cold wearing those. Change into something warmer then let’s go out again.


Orion: Hn… So this is what it looks like around your place.

Orion: Gives off a quiet/peaceful feeling. Hn?

Orion: What’s that? There are lots of people over there. I wonder if there’s some street performers there?


Girl1: Noooo, Ikki. Don’t say such things, stay with us a lil longer.
Girl2: Just leave that plain-looking girlfriend of yours and play with us.
Ikki: I’ve said already, right? Today’s not good. I’ve already made a promise.
Girl1: Don’t say that~
Girl3: Well then, Ikki… If it isn’t today, will you go out and play with us?
Ikki: Of course, I will. If I get enough time.
Girls: Kyaaa! (lol)

Orion: So noisy.

Orion: What’s with that suspicious-looking guy? And those clothes, is he cosplaying?

Orion: …..

Orion: ….I got it! He’s gotta be an idol, no doubt about it

Orion: Ah, but being a fan of celebrities myself, I haven’t heard of “Ikki” before…

Orion: ….

Orion: …Ikki?

Orion: Oh right! Isn’t Ikki an abbreviation of Ikkyuu-san?

Orion: ….which means… that guy is Ikkyuu-san?

Ikki: Well then, I gotta go now. Even if she’ll wait for me no matter how long it takes, there are still limits
Girl1: You’ll really go out with us next time, okay?
Girl2: For sure, okay?
Ikki: Yes, yes. I got it.
Girl3: Mou… It would be better if you would break up with her soon.

Orion: …….

Orion: E-tto.

Orion: I was wrong, right? Un. Maybe I was wrong. Almost certainly. We don’t have anything to do with him so let’s go back to your room.

Orion: Then let’s call Ikkyuu-san.

Orion: The real Ikkyuu-san might be in a “hijacked train and cannot move” situation right now.

Orion: For now we better contact the real Ikkyuu-san, let's go!

Orion: Fuu. It’s finally quiet. I can’t hear the noise from outside anymore.

Orion: But that guy earlier… He’s unbelievable.

Orion: I thought such over popular guys exist only in shoujo manga or otome games. If he were really your boyfriend, no doubt you cannot turn to him for any help regarding your amnesia.

Orion: The moment you let him know, you’ll immediately be taken home.

Orion: But if you were to be told a suitable lie and you end up believing it, things that we cannot mention here might happen to you…!

Orion: …But really, if a guy like him happens to be your boyfriend, what will you do?

Orion: Ah! Since what we saw a while ago is a good excuse, why not break up with him?

Orion: …Or would you really try going out with him just in case?

★I’ll break up with him
>!(Orion: I know right! You’d really wanna break up with him! After we get the information we needed from him you can immediately break up! But we still don’t know if he’s really your boyfriend or not.)
★I’ll try dating him
>!(Orion: Eh? Seriously? If you say so… But me, I wouldn’t want to.)

Orion: N? This sound, isn’t it the doorbell?

Orion: Ah! I was right. Look, something’s appearing in the interphone moni…tor?!

Ikki: It’s me. Sorry. While I was about to go out something came up. I’m downstairs so come here.

Orion: So it was Ikkyuu-san after all…!

Orion: …But what’s with that “while I was about to go out something came up” thing, we saw everything

Orion: …Before you lost your memories, I wonder why you decided to go out with such a guy

Orion: Can’t help it. For now let’s go downstairs.

Ikki: Ah, I’m here.

Ikki: I made you wait, I’m sorry.

Ikki: I thought this area would be safe but the moment I took my sunglasses off, there was suddenly a fuss.

Ikki: Well, it’s already over so let’s go.

Orion: Eh~?

Orion: He made you wait for more than 30 minutes, and during that time he was flirting with other girls and that’s how he apologize to you?

Orion: If I could only touch humans, I would do a super mean special move on him from the back!

Orion: …But based on what’s happening, it seems like he’s indeed your boyfriend.

Orion: The question is, why is this guy getting surrounded with girls when he’s already gotten himself a girlfriend…

Orion: …..

Orion: Yosh! Why don’t you ask him right here right now?

Ikki: Let’s go?

Ikki: What? Don’t tell me you’re mad?

★You don’t have anything going on with those girls, right?
>!(Ikki: Ha? What are you saying now? Those girls were just driven by their interest. You already knew that, right?
Orion: Eh?! What’s with that? Just what on earth is this interest that drives those girls like that?)

★Please refuse other girls
>!(Ikki: Eh…What? Don’t tell me you’re jealous? Hee… Such thing does happen. It’s not that I don’t like it though. But if you insist on it too strongly, don’t you think it would be quite rude to them, too? They don’t mean any harm you know.
Orion: W---What are you talking about? She said something like “It would be better if you would break up with her” you know?!)

Ikki: …Then, how about we do it like this. As an apology, I’d listen to whatever you ask of me.

Ikki: Anything would be fine. If you want something, then we’ll go with that.

Ikki:…If it were me, I’d be glad if you’re going to ask for a more amorous favor.

Ikki: Well, it’s you so I’m sure you won’t be asking anything like that, huh?

Ikki: Ne, how about it?

Ikki: Look into my eyes…

Ikki: What would you want me to do? I’ll do whatever you want me to.


Ikki:…..Ne. Don’t you think of anything when you’re being this close to me?

★What is it?
>!(Ikki: What is it you say? There’s nothing to wonder about right now, right?)
★A bit too close
>!(Ikki: You’re really naïve, aren’t you? Well, at least you’re conscious of me as man. But you know, I would really like to be closer and closer to you though…)

Ikki: Well, whatever. I’m not expecting it would take effect on you anyway.

Ikki: Let’s go. Watching a movie is fine, right?

Orion: …..

Orion: Uhm, I kind’a analyzed the atmosphere and hid but…

Orion: Ne, are you okay? You were suddenly cornered by an unknown guy, were you scared?

Orion: But you know… I kind of thought of something bad…

Orion: You and that guy… there’s a chance that you two are in that kind of relationship already, right?

Orion: If that’s the case then… it’s possible that you might be staying over his place tonight…

Orion:….Iya~ Ahaha

Orion: But don’t worry!

Orion: If that really happens, we’ll think of 100 excuses to run away from him!

Orion: Ah… But… if ever, and only if ever

Orion: It is your wish to be with him and you give your consent, then I won’t get in your way.

Orion: Normally we are connected but I can cut out that connection if needed. I won’t see nor hear anything so you can relax.

Orion: Well, I don’t think you have the time to flirt with some good-looking guy, though.

Orion: But we don’t have any other clues but him…

Orion: Not knowing anything might be scared, but don’t worry.

Orion: No one else can see me but I’m always here.

Orion: Even if you don’t let out your voice, if you think about it strongly in your mind I can hear it.

Orion: For the mean time, let’s listen to what he’s gotta say without being suspicious.

Orion: There ought to be some hidden information out there.

Orion: And while we’re at it, let’s find out if he’s someone we can trust, okay!

Ikki: Fuu, it’s crowded today, huh. Well thanks to that it has gotten a bit warmer though.

Ikki: Seriously, what’s with this temperature? No matter how you think about it, this isn’t normal for August.

Orion: A… It’s indeed August. But this coldness is too much.

Ikki: There are lots of people getting sick these days, too. What on earth is happening.

Ikki:…By the way, are you okay? You’ve been so quiet since a while ago. You’re slightly different from the usual.

Orion: Uh! It has appeared! Those doubtful eyes---!

Orion: But no worries. If you smile we can get through this 100%.

★I’m fine.
>!(Ikki: Fuuun… If you say so, but if you start to feel bad let me know, kay? Ah, give me your bag, I’ll carry it for you at least.
Orion: Fu… We did it. Just as planned…!
Orion:….That was close! I was surprised! And nervous!
Orion: It’s really hard whenever such moment arises. We should carry through it.
Orion: Your fate’s at risk so we should keep anyone from knowing about your amnesia.
Orion:…But if he’s someone we could trust then it’s alright to tell him everything. But… it’s not that easy, huh.) proceed to C1

>!(Ikki: What….? What’s wrong?
Orion: Stiff! Too stiff! You cannot fool any guy with that kind of smile! Do it more naturally!) Go to C6

★I’m fine.
>!(Ikki: Fuuun… If you say so, but if you start to feel bad let me know, kay? Ah, give me your bag, I’ll carry it for you at least.
Orion: Fu… We did it. Just as planned…!
Orion:….That was close! I was surprised! And nervous!
Orion: It’s really hard whenever such moment arises. We should carry through it.
Orion: Your fate’s at risk so we should keep anyone from knowing about your amnesia.
Orion:…But if he’s someone we could trust then it’s alright to tell him everything. But… it’s not that easy, huh.) proceed to C1


Ikki: …N, I wonder if no one’s looking anymore.


Ikki: …I can finally see your face properly.

Ikki: I always bring you to dark places, I’m worried if you’re thinking about me having ulterior motives.

Ikki: But if I were to remove my sunglasses, people will come flocking around me and I won’t be able to move. In the end, we cannot really spend time in brighter places.

Ikki: I’ve told you so many times before, this isn’t any ulterior motive. I just don’t really want my face to be seen by people.

Orion: Just by removing his sunglasses, people will gather around him. Is he really some kind of a celebrity?

Orion: Someone girls would go crazy about, like a model or a talent…

Ikki: I’m sorry. I couldn’t give you any freedom because of my unordinary condition.

Orion: Unordinary condition?

Ikki: But no one can see my eyes in this dark place so relax and enjoy the movie.

Ikki: This condition is indeed unbelievable but isn’t it also an advantage that I can use it as an excuse to be with you.

Ikki: It would be great if there’s an effect on you too but… Can’t help it.

Orion: Eh, w-wait a minute. I don’t get what he is trying to say.

Ikki: You wanted to see this movie right? I’m glad we come.

Orion: Hey! Hey! Don’t change the topic, what do you mean by unordinary condition!?

Orion: What kind of condition brings those girls around you the moment you take off your sunglasses!?

Orion: But it would be suspicious if you ask him since it seems like you already knew about it…

Orion:…Let’s ask him later, for now let’s watch the movie.

Ikki: …Aa, it’s this late already.

Ikki: If we don’t go home right away, we might get late for tomorrow’s shift.

Orion: E, already? We didn’t get to ask anything much, you know!?

Orion: …By the way, shift? Part-time job tomorrow? Who? Us? You? Which one?

Ikki: What’s wrong, making that worried face. You want to be together for a bit longer?

Ikki: Just kidding. I’m not expecting you’d say such a thing anyway.

Ikki: Aa, right. Have you thought about what you want as compensation for what I did earlier?

Orion: Uwa, oh right there’s still that. You haven’t thought of it, right?

Orion: …You can’t tell him “Please tell me more about our relationship” right?

Orion: For the mean time, the biggest problem here is your part-time job. How about you ask him more about it?

Ikki: N? Ask me anything.

★I have work, tomorrow?
>!(Ikki: Eh? We took a leave today so we’re on shift tomorrow. What’s wrong?
Orion: Ee? Why does it seem normal for you to have work tomorrow if you take a leave today?
Ikki: You’re really quite strange today. Are you gonna be fine tomorrow?
Orion: N? You’re both on shift tomorrow? That means, you work on the same place?
Orion: If that is so, wouldn’t it be okay to go to work together?) Go to C2

★Can you walk me to work tomorrow?
>!(Ikki: You mean in the morning? I don’t mind. We’re both on shift tomorrow anyway. But what’s wrong? It’s really rare for you to ask of something like that. You wanted to be with me that much?
Orion: It’s not anything like that…
Orion: N? You’re both on shift tomorrow? That means, you work on the same place?) Go to C3

★Then, can you walk me to work tomorrow?
>!(Ikki: …? If that’s what you want, I’d be glad to.) proceed to C3

Ikki: Well then, I’ll come pick you up tomorrow. I’ll call you when I arrive. Just meet me downstairs.

Ikki: …But seriously, you seem really strange today. When you get home be sure to take a rest.

Ikki: Let’s go. Hand me your bag.


Orion: …..

Orion: ….Fuu, we made it somehow. Otsukare-sama.

Orion: For the mean time, it seems like you’ll be with him tomorrow. Leave it to him, and let’s try to work hard.

Orion: He might appear flashy but he’s not as bad as I thought. In fact he was quite nice to you, wasn’t he.

Orion: He might have ulterior motives though.

Orion: But if he’s really serious about you then we can really consult him for advice.

Orion: But seriously, why must he be surrounded by all those girls. What does he mean by unordinary condition?

Orion: I thought he was some kind of an idol but knowing that he works part-time job with you it seems like he’s just a normal guy…

Orion: A, it’s a mail from him.

I’m really sorry for being late today.
If you have time, let’s go out again.

Orion: A mail after a date, huh? So he’s not only a popular type of guy, he’s also the devoted type?

Orion: So what will you tell him in return?

★Okay, I’d be glad to
★Thank you for today

Orion: Yosh! Reply sent.

Orion: Another mail

Orion: It’s an unregistered number

What happened to your daily report for today?

Orion: …Daily report?

Orion: A, is it the daily report for your work? Maybe you forgot to write it yesterday

Orion: Maa, we’ll do that tomorrow. Let’s go to sleep now! I’m tired-!

Orion: But because of our hard work we were able to get some new info, didn’t we?

Orion: Un, if we could go on like this we will almost certainly meet someone you could trust and recover your memories back!

Orion: But it’ll be a long long way ahead. For the mean time, let’s do our best tomorrow!

Orion: …..! ….

Orion: Hey! I said hey!

Orion: There’s a phone call from him!


Orion: You finally woke up! Thank goodness.

Orion: He’s been calling since a while ago, answer it! He’ll definitely come pick you up soon.

Ikki: Good morning, is it? I’m already here, can you go out?

★I’m sorry, I’ll just prepare a bit
>!(Ikki: Yes, yes. We’re not in a rush so take your time.
Ikki: But I never knew you’re not a morning person.
Ikki: Can you really wake up alone?
Ikki: How about I give you a morning call next time?) Go to D1

★I’m sorry, please come upstairs
>!(Ikki: Eh, is it really okay?
Ikki: Aren’t you gonna change clothes? You live in a one-room type mansion, right? If you’re okay with that then I’ll go there.
Ikki:...Just kidding. I’ll wait here so go ahead.) Go to D2

★Yes, please
>!(Ikki: What’s wrong? You’re quite being honest.
Ikki: Got it, then I’ll do so next time. Look forward to it.)

★No, thank you
>!(Ikki: Is that so? What a pity.) Go to D2

Orion: …Uhm, once again good morning. You slept quite well.

Orion: But… a lot of things happened yesterday so we can’t help it.

Orion: We’ve maid Ikki wait, so let’s hurry up and get ready.


Orion: Uhm… Where is Ikki? A, there he is!

Orion: Huuun, he’s not surrounded by girls today.

Orion: …..

Orion: He said people gather around him whenever he take those sunglasses off but…

Orion: No matter how you think about it, he attracts even more attention just by wearing those suspicious sunglasses. Just what kind of special ability is that?

Orion:…It would be nice if we can find out more about that, too.

Orion: But that’s not our problem right now.

Orion: The problem is how do you usually call Ikki.

Orion: How did you use to call him before? How will you call him?

>!(Ikki: ….?
Ikki: A, you’re here. Good morning.
Ikki: …By the way, you called me by my name without the –san like you always do, right? I don’t mind though.
Orion: …..
Orion: I-It’s alright! Don’t mind it. People make mistakes as we take one step at a time.) Go to D5

>!(Ikki: …?
Ikki: A, you’re here. Good morning.
Orion: Eh…. We were right? He reacted normally.
Orion: It feels kind’a strange that I find him reacting normally signifies that we’re right. I don’t feel much satisfied.
Orion: It would be nice if we have something like a parameter which goes off like “pi-ko---n!” whenever we make the right answers, wouldn’t it?) Go to D5

>!(Ikki: …?
Ikki: A, you’re here. Good morning.
Ikki: …Uhm, I’m sorry but I hate this name so could you call me the usual 'Ikki-san’ instead?
Orion: Uwa! We made a mistake….! But that’s alright since we can change it. Right?
Orion: …But he hates his own name. Well’s it’s ‘Ikyuu-san’ so I can understand how he feels. Go to D5

Ikki: …Uhm. I’m sorry if I woke you up. Were you supposed to sleep for a lil bit

Ikki: Ah, or you’re still not feeling well? If that’s the case, let me know, okay?

Ikki: For the mean time, lend me your stuff. Let’s continue our talk while we’re walking.

Ikki: Ah, you didn’t eat breakfast, did you? Are you okay? We’ll be on shift until evening.

Ikki: I don’t usually eat a lot so it’s fine even if I skip one meal.

Ikki: How about you? Do you eat properly?

Orion: Eh…. You don’t know anything about your eating habits up until now, do you?

Orion: …Ah, whatever. Nothing will happen if we think about it too much. Just answer the way you like.

★Not much
>!(Ikki: Haha, I know right. You can barely eat during busy mornings.
Ikki: If I were to live with you it seems like there’s be no problems.)

★Bread only
>!(Ikki: Ah… I understand. It’s really hard to get an appetite during mornings.
Ikki: I only eat bread, too. Seems like you and I are the same, huh?)

★I eat a lot
>!(Ikki: Is that so? Awesome. You live by yourself, don’t you?
Should I expect you to cook something for me too?)

Ikki: …to. Seems like the train has arrived.

Ikki: Normally it’s where I should be going through but I’m going to escort you today so I guess I better stop.

Ikki: It’s dangerous so step back.

Orion: ….

Orion: Whenever it’s only the two of you, Ikki appears to be a good guy, doesn’t he?

Orion: But my senpai who knows a lot about the human world says that that attitude of a playboy is normally “good”

Orion: Which means, there’s also a possibility that this kindness he is showing is only a lie which holds some ulterior motives.

Orion: …..

Orion: …Well, let’s just set him aside for the mean time.

Orion: More than that, we should be thinking about how are you going to work without any memories or whatsoever!

Orion:…Nah, honestly it’s really problem. And it feels like we can’t do anything about it.

Orion: But don’t worry! It’s not like you’re going to die if you miss at work!

Orion:…Though depending on the situation it might really be some serious trouble, for now let’s not think about it!

Orion: If the situation gets worse, you can just say you’re not feeling well and you’d like to go home. Un, let’s do that!


Ikki: Good morning.

Shin: Ah, good morning.

Shin: Senpai, did the two of you come here together? Quite unusual, huh.

Ikki: Yes, indeed unusual—her request, that is.

Shin: Hn… So it is unusual. Senpai, is that why you’re in a good mood?

Ikki: Hn? Do I look like I’m in a good mood?

Shin: Well, yeah. You’re face says so.

Ikki: Eh… Is that so. Maybe I’m actually happier than I thought I am.

Shin: Making that kind of face, could you stop speaking boastfully like that.

Ikki: I am not. It’s my honest thoughts.

Shin: What’re you saying? You’re completely grinning.

Ikki: Don’t bully your senpai, Shin. Well, then I’m off to change into my uniform.

Shin: We don’t have much time before the morning meeting, please hurry up.

Orion: H—n… This Shin guy is a co-worker of yours, huh.

Orion: I wonder how you two get along.

Orion: We should also investigate your relationship with him without getting suspicious, okay?

Shin: So, what are you still doing here? Hurry up and change to your uniform.

Orion: Ah! Then it suddenly came! Are you going to answer him casually or formally?

★Un, I'll go now
>!(Shin: Uhm... you see, I know I'm younger than you but I'm still your senpai here at work. We don't have anything to do with each other outside work either. So shouldn't you speak to me formally like always?
Orion: You always talked to him formally? Even if it's only expected you'd talk to him casually since he's younger!
Shin: Well, whatever. But hurry up and get dressed before the tenchou (store manager) comes.)

★I'm sorry. I'll hurry up now
>!(Shin: It's fine so just hurry. I might get scolded for not being able to supervise even my kouhai.
Orion: Uwa--- so strict. Even though he seems like your age or even younger, he talks big.)

Orion: For the mean time it's better to go and get changed right away, right?

Orion:...But still, the problem is this shop.

Orion: At a quick glance one wouldn't really figure out but after checking out the menu and the uniform it only gets even more suspicious...

Orion: The interior's a bit retro. And the uniform's fit is kind'a too tight.

Orion: And last but not the least, that name "the Underworld's Sheep"!! (Meido no Hitsuji)

Orion: This is nothing but that...

Orion: A shop where maids and butlers serve customers as if they're some kind of masters. No mistake about that!!


Orion:...You, why did you decide to work in this kind of place?

Orion: Maa, even if I ask you right now it's not like you can answer...

Orion:...Well, whatever. For now let's get changed. The tenchou seems like a scary person, don't you think?


Orion: You done changing?

Orion: E? What's that? Is that a maid's uniform? It has some traditional feel to it... Kind of strange.

Orion: But it doesn't give off an indecent feel and it actually suits you...

Ikki: You're done changing? The morning meeting is about to start.

Orion: Eh. Uwa... he looks too good in that uniform...

Orion: U-n... I kind of understand why girls react that way towards this guy.

Ikki: Hn? What? Are you fascinated by me?

Ikki: If that is so, then I'm happy. But right now it seems like tenchou has arrived go to your line.

Orion: Ah, the tenchou has arrived. I wonder what kind of person the tenchou is?

Tenchou: You over there, what are you doing?!

Orion: Hiiii----!!!

Tenchou: I've told you before that you should've already be in your places before I enter the shop, didn't I? You're slacking too much.

Tenchou: Listen here. Don’t forget that in a restaurant service, a moment of resolute decision might cause customers discomfort.

Tenchou:It’s fine to slack off when you’re still at the back stage. But once you’ve come outside, that’s where the battleground is.

Tenchou: In the battlefield you pay the customers’ movements with your effort. Think of this morning meeting as your practice!

Tenchou:The customers are not gods! They’re enemies! Don’t show them mercy, put them down for sure! We are bound to make them captives of this store with one blow!

Tenchou:If you understand that then repeat it yourselves!

Tenchou:Customers are enemies!

Ikki & Shin: Customers are enemies!

Tenchou: N? You, I cannot hear your voice!

★Customers are enemies!
>!(Tenchou: Yosh, good job. ) Go to D8

>!(Orion: You’re being silent! This store is strange! But more so, the tenchou!
Tenchou: What’s wrong? You cannot say it?!) Go to D7

★Customers are enemies!
★Customers are enemies!
★Customers are enemies!
★Customers are enemies!

Tenchou: You, it seems like you’re lacking in spirit.

Tenchou:We’re about to open soon. I assign you today’s first male customer. Be sure to take him down.

Tenchou:Well then, go!

Orion: The one I know of isn’t supposed to be like this.

Orion:…There’s so many things happening in the human realm, huh

Orion: But still, that tenchou. How can he manage a business like this with that kind of attitude?

Orion: Seriously, what’s with this store that you liked that made you work here.

Orion: But for now, it’s better to do your work properly so we won’t get scolded by that tenchou.

-bell rings-

Orion: A! It’s a customer. You better hurry!

★Welcome, please come in
>!(Customer1: Eh? I thought this is a maid café… It seems quite normal.
Orion: N…Normal you say? I’m in despair…!
Orion: But it’s not like you’ve forgotten what kind of café is a maid café, right?
Orion: Listen here. You call the customers ‘goshuujin-sama”
Orion: And instead of ‘Welcome’ you say ‘Welcome back’. That’ s the rule.
Orion: I’m not kidding! I’ve learned all this useless stuff from my senpai!)
Go to D9

★Welcome back, Master
>!(Orion: A, thank goodness. You remembered what kind of shop a maid café is.
Customer2: Hey, she said ‘goshuujin-sama’!
Customer1: What? Stop poking me
Customer3: The level of this shop is even better than I thought. Don’t you think we hit a jackpot?)
Go to D9

Customer1: A, excuse me. Can I make my order?

Orion: Right away!?

Orion: Do you know how to do this? Me, I don’t!

Customer1: Let’s see…
Customer1: I’ll have this ‘Maid's Home-made Parfait’ and…
Customer2: I’ll have that one, too!
Customer3: Then I’ll have this ‘Special Tea Set’
Customer1: A, so there’s a set. Then I’ll get this ‘Coffee Set’ and icecream
Customer2: A… Me, too!
Customer3: Aa, I’d like to have this ‘Royal Palace Mille-feuille’ for my set

Orion: Hold it, hold it! Don’t say it all in one go--!!

Orion: Are you okay? Did you get everything?

★Understood, master.
>!(Orion: Eh… You really remembered everything….?) Go to E2

★Can you please say it once more
>!(Customer1: A, sorry. We confused you.
Customer3: One mille-feuille and tea set, and two ice coffee and parfait set.) Go to E1

★I’m very sorry (Go to E2)
★Thank you very much, master
>!(Customer1: Ah, no problem
Customer2: Don’t worry about it.) Go to E2

Ikki: Are you alright? It seemed like it wasn’t going too well. Waka-san’s been glaring by the cashier.

Orion: Waka-san? You mean, the tenchou? It’d be great if we won’t get scolded later though;

Ikki: I’ll handle the drinks. Can you tell me their orders once more?

Orion: A, let me tell you this. I don’t remember their orders at all!

Orion: So… what was it that they ordered?

★2 Coffee 1 Tea
>!(Ikki: Got it. I’ll go prepare the drinks, then just serve it to them later, okay?
Orion: Fuu~ It seems like you remembered it properly.)

★1 Coffee 2 Tea
>!(Ikki: Eh? Was it the other way around? I thought I heard two orders of coffee and one order of tea.
Orion: Ah, we’re wrong!?)

Ikki: Then while I prepare the drinks, Shin, can I ask you to do the mille-feuille?

Shin: Yes. Then you prepare the two parfait orders.

Ikki: …..

Shin: …..

Ikki: Are you alright? You’re assigned to make the parfait, you know?

Orion: Uwa! I-is that so.

Orion: ….Which reminds me, it was called “Maid’s Home-made Par—“something…

Orion: But still, it’s not like you remember how this café makes that parfait.

Orion: E—tto, I wonder if there’s something like a manual around here.

Ikki: …What are you looking for?

Ikki: What’s wrong? After a one-day leave, did all your memories go flying away?

Orion: Gikkuuuu…!! (shocked)

Ikki: I kind of remember the time when you first started working here.

Ikki: Okay, prepare the glass, add in the flakes then pour the cream on top.


Ikki: Then you lay out the fruits and top it with icecream. Lastly you add in the chocolate and it’s done.

Ikki: What’s wrong? Did you forget?

Ikki: ….Then you’re done. Did you get that? Should we do it once more?
-end of flashback-

Ikki: Hn? What is it?

Orion: Ah….!

Ikki: Eh?!

Orion: Uwa… What is this? Ah, my head is spinning…

Shin: Ha? What happened to you? Why did you just…

Ikki: Are you okay? Can you stand….?

Ikki: Lend me your hand, What happened? Are you feeling dizzy?

★I’m alright
>!(Ikki: Are you sure….? Don’t force yourself, okay?)

★Uhm… I can stand by myself
>!(Ikki: Eh….?
Ikki: …What? Are you embarrassed? At least let me help you get up.
Ikki:Come on, if you don’t take my hand I’ll bring you up myself.
Shin:Senpai, can you stop flirting openly?
Ikki:Aa, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to.)

Shin: Hey, if you’re not feeling well it’ s better that you go home. It’s dangerous and it will only cause more trouble.

Ikki: Shin, you’re use of words is quite harsh.

Shin: Senpai’s way of speaking is just too indirect.

Ikki: Women should be treated delicately. Don’t I always tell you that?

Shin: Yes. You always tell me that.

Shin: But in your case, senpai it’s not like you treat them delicately. But instead, not minding who it is you go and hit on them.

Ikki: I hit on just anybody? Me?

Ikki: A—… Well, that might be true. But I just want them to like me.

Shin: ….Can you really say that in front of your girlfriend?

Ikki: She totally understands me. There isn’t really any problem.

Shin: If I were you’re girlfriend, I’d be terribly shocked.

Ikki: Is that so. Shin, you don’t have a girlfriend, right?

Shin: …..!

Ikki: …Nah, it’s not the proper time to talk about that stuff

Ikki: …In any case, what Shin said is right though.

Ikki: If you’re really feeling well, don’t hesitate to go home, okay? I’ll do the necessary actions after that.

Shin: Senpai. What’s up about that, are you planning to do all the work by yourself?

Shin: If she really does go home, it would be normal that I’d be helping out too, you know.

Ikki: Nah, I know that. It’s just a play with words.

Waka-san: What is all the fuss about in there?! Is there any problem?

Shin: Ah, tenchou. We apologize, but there’s nothing to worry about.

Waka-san: The work in the kitchen bust be done quickly and silently. You got that?

Shin: Yes!

Shin: …Well then, I’ll go prepare the mille-feuille. I’ll leave the rest to you, senpai.

Ikki: Fuu. Before Waka-san’s blood vessel snaps I better bring in the orders.

Ikki: …But seriously, are you alright? You were quite out of yourself yesterday, weren’t you?

Ikki: If you’re not going home, then just assist me. Don’t force yourself to do it by yourself, okay.

Orion: ….Haaaaaa… That was a surprise. Nee, are you alright?

Orion: You know, I think the scene we saw earlier is a part of your memory.

Orion: We can’t help it if you fall down due to the shock.

Orion: But it might be a good thing that they thought you were only feeling unwell. We managed to work it out somehow.

Orion: As what they have said, it’s better not to force yourself. Should we just get ourselves familiar with the work for now?

Orion: You’ll be fine. If you can manage to remember everything by today, you can definitely do better tomorrow.

Ikki: … With this, today’s work is done. Tenchou, We’ll go ahead.

Waka-san: Aa, thanks for the hard work. You can already go home.

Orion: Fuu, it’s finally over.

Waka-san: …Oi. The the result of your work is terrible, huh.

Orion: Uo….Here it comes!

Waka-san: I heard from Ikki that you weren’t feeling well. But you know that it’s also a part of work to take care of your health.

Waka-san: Listen here, the work you did today caused a burden upon your co-workers.

Waka-san: Apart from repenting on what you did, in order not to have this happen again please be cautious. Got that!?

Orion: I’m…so tired….

Orion: The tenchou was scary in so many ways, wasn’t he?

Orion: Shin was quite strict too but he was worried when you fell down. He might not be a bad guy.

Orion: Maa, there’s always a limit to whatever you do. Doing work while you have amnesia, can you imagine that?

Orion: We managed to survive this day, and it’s all thanks to Ikki. He helped us out a lot.

Orion: …Unexpectedly, he might be someone trustworthy. What are you gonna do? Will you tell him about your amnesia?

Ikki: Eh? You’re still in your uniform? Go now and get changed. Let’s go home together.

Orion: Ah, so you’re about to go home together. Then it’s a chance for you to talk about it.

Ikki: Like always, wait by the usual place. See you.

Orion: …Eh?

Orion: What do you mean by like always?

Orion: More over, weren’t you supposed to go home together, then what is that “see you” all about!? Aren’t you going to wait for her here?

Orion: Usual place, where on earth is that!?

Orion: ……..

Orion: F-for now, let’s go get changed!

Girls: Kyaaa, Ikki—!

Orion: Th-this is…


Ikki: Ah, yes yes. Keep it down a bit, it’s causing trouble.

Girl: Aw, Ikki you’re so nice~
Girl2: Ah~ I love you!

Orion: Aa…. He’s surrounded by girls again

Orion: Eh, but he’s wearing sunglasses today, isn’t he?

Orion: Didn’t he mention about causing a fuss when he takes them off…?

Girl2: Ah, looks like the girlfriend has arrived
Girl1: Isn’t it more like, the appearance of the hindrance?
Girl2: Nee, Ikki, are you gonna go home with her?

Ikki: Hn—not really.

Ikki: Otsukare-sama, see you tomorrow.

Orion: Haa? What? Didn’t he say you were going home together!?

Orion: What should we do? Ne, what are you going to do?

>!(Orion: Uu… It’s annoying… Why should you be treated like a hindrance by those girls?
Orion: And neglecting you, his girlfriend. What is this guy thinking…
Ikki: Then go home safely, okay?)

★Aren’t we going home together?
>!(Ikki: Hn…?
Ikki: Aa, I’m sorry but today’s not good
Girl1: Why can’t you understand?
Girl2: I know right. Why don’t you just go home alone?
Orion: Uuuuu, it’s annoying… You’re the girlfriend here!
Ikki: Then go home safely, okay?)

FCMember1: Nee, Ikki. Go home with me. Walk me even up until the train station.

Ikki: N—Alright. But not all the way, okay?

Ikki: …..

Orion: …They already left. Wasn’t he really serious about going home together?

Orion: But he said something like to wait in the usual place, right…!?

Orion: …….

Orion: : Ah….!

Orion: If this kind of thing happens everyday…

Orion: Then in order for you to go home together, maybe you decided to meet some place elsewhere after the girls are gone

Orion: …But still, I wonder why must you, his girlfriend do all these things for them.

Orion: Isn’t it more normal for those girls to hesitate doing all those acts?

Orion: But it would be the best if only Ikki could turn them all down!

Orion: … Maa, nothing will happen even if we get mad. Let’s look for the usual place you meet for the mean time.


Orion: …Etto…


Orion: Usual place, he said… But just where is that…!


Orion: ….

-phone call-

Orion: Ah, it’s a phone call from him!

Ikki: Hello, it’s me, where are you? I’m already here, you know.

Ikki: Don’t tell me you felt dizzy and fell down somewhere?

Orion: A—it’s bound to appear strange. He’s get suspicious, won’t he?

Orion: …We can’t do anything about this anymore. Just think of an excuse to tell him.

★Uhm, I kind of got lost…
>!(Ikki: Eh, you got lost? Just how far did you go?)

★Uhm, I don’t feel very good…
>!(Ikki: Eh, seriously?
Ikki: …Aa, right. You weren’t feeling well today. I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have made you wait.)

Ikki: Anyway, I’ll go meet you there. Don’t go anywhere and don’t hang up, just wait.

Ikki: Do you know which area are you? Or what your surroundings look like?

Orion: …Fuu, he’s coming to pick you up so it’s alright now.

Orion: But what are we gonna do tomorrow? He’ll definitely say to meet at the usual place.

Orion: ………

Orion: …Ah, that’s it! After work tomorrow, we can just follow him.

Orion: Then we’re bound to know where the usual place is. We could’ve done that today. Ahahahaha…

Orion: Ah~ I’m really tired. It was a hard day for you, too.

Orion: …..

Orion: But in the end, we weren’t able to get a clear picture of what kind of person Ikki is.

Orion: He’s all nice when you’re together and it seems like he doesn’t hide the fact that you’re his girlfriend.

Orion: And yet, why is he prioritizing other women over you…

Orion: Just like yesterday, he made you wait and started flirting with other girls.

Orion: And even today, he boldly say he wanted girls to like him, didn’t he?

Orion: Did you think of something like “It’s alright even if he’ll cheat on me, as long as I’m his girlfriend” kind of thought before you lost your memories

Orion: ……..

Orion: I don’t get it!

Orion: I’ve had enough. Let’s just think about work rather than that mysterious guy!

Orion: Will tomorrow be another workday for you again? I remember there’s a notebook on your table, right? Let’s check it out.

Orion: ….Uh, by the way you weren’t required to write a daily report a while ago, right? Then what’s that mail yesterday about.

Orion: No, no. More importantly, we should find out about your shift at work.

Orion: Etto… Your schedule for August is…

Orion: …Wait a minute!? You have work almost everyday!? Just how long is this in hours!?

Orion: With this, won’t you have no more time to go on dates with your boyfriend!?

Orion: …Ah, that’s not a problem. He’s doing the same work as you anyway.

Orion: Don’t tell me just before you lost your memories, you worked in that café just to be with him?

Orion: ……..

Orion: Maa, let’s stop here for today. We should do our best tomorrow at work, okay.

Orion: And just like today, some of your memories might come back while at work tomorrow.

Orion: You’ll be fine. It will work out somehow. Well then, see you tomorrow.

Orion: Good morning, today’s workday again, right.

Orion: While you keep the things you remembered from yesterday inside your head, let’s do our best not to get scolded by the tenchou, okay!

Orion: Will Ikki and Shin be around today, too?

Orion: After all that happened yesterday, Shin helped us out too. It’s really nice to have someone you know around.

Orion: So, do you still remember the way to the café? Well me, I’m not really confident though.

Orion: Etto… After this we…

★First choice (sorry I can’t read it xD lol)
>!(Orion: Eh? Isn’t this the place where we got lost yesterday?
Orion: …A, we’re here! Thank goodness
Orion: We kind of got it wrong but we managed to arrive here just on time.)

★Second choice (sorry I can’t read it xD lol)
>!(Orion: …A, we’re here! Thank goodness
We made it here without any problems. You’ve got a good memory.)

Orion: Ah, Shin’s here today. But I cannot find Ikki, yet. And tenchou’s here too.

Waka-san: : You!!!

Orion: Eh!?

Waka-san: What are you doing!? If you’ve arrived already won’t you even do a proper greeting?!

Waka-san: You, I thought you were some kind of a responsible person but after what happened yesterday I doubt about it now.

Waka-san: If it seems like you’re lacking of sleep, I better put you in training right from the start again.

Waka-san: If you don’t want that, then hurry up, get changed and go to your line!

Orion: Uuu… We got scolded the moment we came in….

Orion: By the way, what do you mean by training? Just what kind of training does a maid café do.

Shin: Oi, don’t make the tenchou too mad, it’s gonna be a problem for us, too.

Shin: If you don’t know anything, ask me before the tenchou finds out.

Orion: …..

Orion: We even got scolded by Shin…

Orion: But if something really comes up we better ask him rather than we make the tenchou mad again.

Waka-san: Thank you for the hard work. You can now go home.

Waka-san: You.

Orion: !

Waka-san: …..

Waka-san: I don’t have any plans of asking what happened to you, you have your own ups and downs.

Waka-san: But don’t let those get in the way of your work. Even your co-workers are affected.

Waka-san: If I were to compare your performance from yesterday, you’ve gotten better. Brace yourself for tomorrow’s work.

★I’m sorry
>!( Waka-san: If you have enough time to apologize then why don’t you just go home and take a rest, got that!)

★Yes, Sir!
>!(Orion: Wait a…! What a bold response…
Waka-san: ….Fu. Aren’t you lively.
Waka-san: I’ll be expecting from you tomorrow!)

Orion: ….Fuu, otsukare-sama. Just like what the tenchou said, today’s work has been smoother than yesterday.

Orion: Just keep it going like this and we’ll get the hang of your work in no time.

Orion: But it would be better if it was something we recalled.

Orion: Maa, if we can get back the way of life you had before, just like yesterday, your memories might return.

Orion: For the mean time, let’s do our best in everything we can do, okay?

Ikki: …Ah, otsukare-sama.

Orion: Eh, Ikki!? Wasn’t he on leave today?

Ikki: You didn’t fall down today, did you? I was quite worried so I came over.

Ikki: Hand me your bag, let’s go home.

Orion: Uwaa, he’s really a devoted guy. I’m surprised.

★No, thank you. I’m fine.
>!(Ikki: …Eh, what? Are you hesitating?)

★Thank you for coming all the way here
>!(Ikki: …You know, isn’t it usual that I always come to pick you up if I don’t have anything going on?
Orion: What did you say!? It was normal for you to do that?)

Ikki: …..Nee. I’ve been wanting to ask you this. Are you hiding something from me?

Orion: Uuu….!?

Ikki: You’ve been strange since the other day. Did something happen?

Ikki: Are you, troubled over something…?

Ikki: If something’s up, tell me. Don’t trouble yourself alone. Instead of any other guys, I want you to depend on me, your boyfriend.

Ikki: Nee, did something happen?

Ikki:Did something came up that even the you who’s always independent acts like this?

Ikki: ….

Ikki: ….Should we take a walk.

Ikki: …Yesterday, when you asked me to come pick you up, I was really happy.

Ikki: I didn’t know what happened but to have you depend on me like that, I was really happy.

Ikki: It’s because you always do things on your own.

Ikki: Up until now, you almost never depended on me. That’s why… I was very happy.

Ikki: Is it okay to think that I got a bit closer to you…

Ikki: ….

Ikki: ….You know what, right now I’m thinking that maybe you like me, too.

Ikki: Don’t you think I’m being too conceited?

Ikki: Aa, it’s alright even if you won’t answer. I am not expecting you to do so anyway.

Ikki: I just wanted to let you know.

-sound of train-

Ikki: …..

Orion: … What does that mean?

Orion: Doesn’t it look like Ikki’s the one having one-sided feelings for you?

Orion: But… if that’s so why is he treating you like that?

Orion: ….

Orion: …Before you lost your memories, I wonder if you knew everything when you dated Ikki.

Ikki: We’ve arrived.

Ikki: …..

Ikki: Do you want you bag back?

Orion: What did he say!?

Ikki: You want it back, don’t you? Then come here for a second.


Ikki: ……..

Ikki: …You won’t close your eyes, huh.

Ikki: It’s awkward to kiss you like this. Is this resistance…?

>!(Ikki: If you don’t want to I won’t do it. Do you really hate it…?
Ikki: Maybe the thought that you’ve finally came to like me was after all just me being conceited….?
Ikki: Ne, close your eyes…
Ikki: I won’t do anything that will scare you…)

>!(Orion:Okay, you don’t like it after all.
Orion:At a time like this we could use number 42 of 100 ways to avoid being kissed!!
Orion:Tell him “For the sake of being healthy, I drank vegetable juice at the beef bowl restaurant I went to this lunch time. So today’s not good.”
★Uhm… I drank vegetable juice at the beef bowl restaurant…
Ikki: Huh? Vegetable juice? Where on earth is this beef bowl restaurant that serves such a thing?)

Ikki: …..

Ikki: ………

Ikki: ………….(sigh)

Ikki: …It still won’t do? Seems like it’s really hard to make this princess fall after all, huh.

Ikki: I thought it’s gonna work out this time. But was it my mistake to make my move at a time you’re like this.

Ikki: There’s only one more month left. And now, in order to gain your trust again, I must start from the beginning. It’s the first time I’ve ever had it this hard.

★Hard? You mean me?
>!(Ikki: You’re asking me that now? Aren’t you the one giving me a hard time here? Of course I’d like you to fall for me already.)

>!(Ikki: Ah—I’m sorry. Did I worry you? I just want you to at least let me say my complaints even a bit.)

Ikki: …You… You might just be the first girl I ever failed to get.

Ikki: …Sometimes, this kind of bittersweet memory isn’t that bad.

Ikki: Which reminds me, I have never had a female friend. That would also be nice, a friend.

Ikki: The first girl that I didn’t manage to get, will also be the first female friend I’ll ever have. Hah!

Ikki: Just kidding.

Ikki: It’s only a lie. But it’s not funny to let it all end up being just a memory.

Ikki: With this one month left I’ll make you fall for me.

Ikki: I will never accept defeat.

Ikki: Here’s your bag.

Ikki: Well then see you at work. Good night.

-Ikki leaves-

Orion: Uhm, what was that just now?

Orion: What does he mean by one month left? What was that failed to get all about?

Orion: With that kind of speaking… doesn’t it appear like some kind of a game?

Orion: Wasn’t it because he likes you that he dated you?

Orion: Before you lost your memories, wasn’t it because you liked him that you decided to go out with him……?

Orion: Good morning~ Today’s workday, right…

Orion: I wonder if Ikki’s gonna be around today as well. It’s kind of awkward to meet him, isn’t it?

Orion: I thought he might be someone we could consult about your condition. But after what happened yesterday…

Orion: It would be impossible to talk about your circumstances before we finally get to understand how Ikki really feels, right…

Orion: For the mean time let’s be careful. We haven’t found anyone we could trust yet.

Orion: Shin and the tenchou don’t seem like bad guys but…

Orion: You can’t simply tell them “I have lost my memories. But please don’t bring me to the hospital, okay?”

Orion: Rather, if you tell them that you’ll definitely be sent to the hospital right away

Orion: ….Haa… For now let’s go to work.

Ikki: Ah, good morning.

Ikki: I’m sorry if I surprised you yesterday. Don’t think about it too much.

Orion: ……..

Orion: …Wait, that is all you’re going to say!?

Orion: After doing and saying all those things, that’s all you’re going to say!?

Orion: I wonder if what happened yesterday, wasn’t a big deal for him after all….

Orion: …….(sigh) Let’s go and get changed.

Waka-san: Everyone’s here, huh. Well then let’s begin our morning meeting!

Waka-san: First on the list, there is something I want you to be cautious of.

Waka-san: I received from a certain source that something happened among the employees yesterday.

Waka-san: I received a report about a certain employee displaying an act of
obscenity to a fellow female employee but got refused.

Ikki: …Huh!?

Shin: ……….

Ikki: Shin, it was you?

Shin: Yes. I live around that place.

Ikki: ………..

Waka-san: It seems like we are lacking cautiousness when it comes to this things.

Waka-san: It’s alright to have affairs outside the shop but do not let it get in the way of work. And avoid getting too much attention from onlookers.

Waka-san: That’s all. Get to work!

Ikki: …I don’t mind getting found out. But I never thought we’d be reprimanded during the morning meeting.

Ikki: ….Shin, remember this.

Shin: Of course. I won’t forget it. It was surprising for me after all.

Shin: Well senpai doesn’t mind if anyone sees, right.

Shin: Besides, if you really do mind about it you wouldn’t have performed such a kissing scene right there and then.

Ikki: I don’t mind being seen but it was out of my expectations that I’d be scolded by the tenchou about it.

Shin: You surprised me with that act, now we’re even. Well then, I’m off to work.

Ikki: ………

Ikki: I’m sorry. I don’t really mind getting seen, but you were embarrassed about it, am I right?

Ikki: That Shin. He’s not an elementary student anymore, what was he thinking.

Ikki: Maa, I don’t think it’s a big deal for Waka-san. Maybe it’s just his way of kidding.

Ikki: But don’t get too close with Shin. You might get teased.

★I understand. I won’t mind.
>!(Ikki: Eh? You don’t mind? That’s quite complicated.
Ikki: I thought you’ll be a bit conscious about it but it seems like it wasn’t much of a big deal to you, is that it?
Ikki: Well, I guess it’s really just a matter of getting used to.)

★Okay, I won’t get close to him
>!(Ikki: Un, I won’t get too close to you either so they won’t make a fuss about it
Ikki: …Ha. As I’ve thought, you easily get embarrassed. You’re not really used to these things.
Ikki: Would it be mean to say… I’m happy about it. Even though I, on the other hand, is already used to it.)

Waka-san: Oi! The two of you, I just told you earlier didn’t I, romantic acts are forbidden while at work!

Ikki: …Yes, tenchou! I’m off to work.

Ikki: We got scolded. Well then, see you later.

Ikki: Ah, right. I have something to do today so I won’t be able to go home with you.

Ikki We might not have any chance to talk so you go home ahead. Be careful on your way, okay.

Orion: He seriously doesn’t mind, huh

Orion: He’s used to get his kissing scenes seen by others but still…

Orion: Is it normal for someone to tell that to their girlfriend!? I’m rather pissed off!

Orion: But it was unexpected that you’d get seen by Shin. So he was living around your neighborhood.

Orion: ….Ah! You won’t go home together today, doesn’t that mean we cannot follow him to know where you usually meet after work!?

Orion: ….Oh man. Anyway, we should head off to work.

-bell rings-

Orion: Ah, it’s customer. Let’s go.

Girl4: Ah, uhm…
Girl4: I heard that a lovely guy named Ikki-san is working here.
Girl5: Is that person around today…?

Orion: Uwaa…! Why would you look for Ikki.

Orion: If he comes by, not only the peace of this restaurant will get disturbed, but a terrible dispute will even…!

Ikki: Ladies, did you call for me?

Girls: Kyaaaaaaaaaa!!

Orion: : Uuuuuuuuuuu……!!

Girl4: Aaaaaa…uhm! I’m Misako, can you tell me your e-mail address!?
Girl5: Wait a minute, Misako!? What shameless thing to say by yourself!?
Girl6: Eh—But I want his e-mail address, too—
Girl5: Huh? Wouldn’t that be a bother? But… I want to have it, too!
Girl6: It’s alright, we are just going to ask. If he doesn’t want to he can refuse.
Girl4: How about it, Ikki-san!? You wouldn’t tell us, would you!?

Ikki: …Thank you very much. But I am very sorry ladies.

Ikki: As much as I would like to tell you, we are forbidden under the shop’s policy to exchange mails with our customers.

Orion: So such a rule exists!?

Girl4: Th…Then how about after work, will you tell us!?
Girl5: You’re going to go that far!?
Girl6: You’re the one to speak, you’ll come too right?
Girl5: That’s… If it’s alright to come then of course I’d come!

Ikki: …Ha.

Ikki: I do not mind, ladies.

Ikki: If you are on your way home and you happened to see me, if you still remember me then please ask me once more.

Girls: Really—!?

Ikki: Yes, of course. That is if you still remember me… on your way home.

Orion: What’s that about? Why is he putting emphasis on “If you still remember me” part?

Orion: Being all that excited, they’d remember for sure…

???: What are you doing standing there….Are you jealous?

Shin: Fuun… It seems like it’s not the case. You don’t mind?

Shin: If it were me, I wouldn’t just shut up and watch the person I’m going out with exchange mails with other guys.

Orion: It’s because it seems like you accepted this kind of thing before you lost your memories. You can’t possibly say anything, don’t you!

Orion: …Or could it be possible that you were just keeping all your temper inside you.

★It’s alright. I’m used to it.
>!(Shin:Fuun… Is that so. You understand it, huh. If that’s the case then no problem.
Shin:…You trust him, is that so? But it seemed like you were quite affected before though.
Orion: Ku… I thought we’re safe. Was there really a different between the you before and the you right now….!
Orion: So you it’s not like you accept everything with regards Ikki open-heartedly after all.)

★I want him to stop.
>!(Shin: Well, that’s expected. If someone you like does that kind of thing it’s normal to get irritated.
Shin: It has been a question before but, it’s because you like each other that you decided to go out, right?
Shin: …Wouldn’t it be better to tell it straight to him that you don’t like what he is doing
Orion: Uuuu… If we could only say it, we would, right?)

Shin: Ma, it has nothing to do with me anyway. But you sure have a strange relationship.

Orion: …Un, you have an indeed strange relationship

Orion: As I’ve thought, Ikki’s behavior is so mysterious!

Orion: Because wasn’t it from yesterday’s conversation that we see that he is really trying to get you.

Orion: Regardless of how you really feel, doesn’t it seem like the fact that Ikki wants to win you is indeed true.

Orion: If that’s the case, then wouldn’t it be better if he shows that he is devoted to you. Even if it’s just for the show.

Orion: But still why is he flirting with all those girls

Orion: ….I wonder if what he mentioned before about unordinary condition has something to do with it….?

-mail from Ikki-

Mail: : I’m sorry if I wasn’t able to walk you home. Did you get home safely?

Orion: …But no matter what happens, that guy never forgets to show concern through this kind of acts.

Orion: …So how are you going to respond?

★It was lonely to go home alone
>!(Orion: ….I guess it’s alright even if you don’t send in such a soft reply.
Mail response: : I was surprised to receive such a reply from you. Do you have fever?
Orion: …. See, even he finds it strange.)

★It’s alright. Thank you.
>!(Orion: Well, that’s gotta be the safest response to do.)

Orion: …Ha. It seems like the more info we get, the more we get confused.

Orion: For the mean time, we should really prioritize getting the hang of your everyday living. You only have your work to worry about for a while.

Orion: While we’re at it, it would be nice if your memories would suddenly come back just like that…

Waka-san: Good morning everyone. Our morning assembly is about to start.

Waka-san: Today’s formation will be by twos.

Waka-san: While you confirm each other’s task, be sure not to neglect the customers’ movements.

Waka-san: As we’ve pointed out yesterday, be aware of making unnecessary talks during work.

Waka-san: That’s all!

Orion:…I can never get used to this kind of behavior. It seems like he’s the only one who has a different perspective.

Orion: I wonder if we won’t mind it anymore the moment we get used to it. Ikki seems like he’s used to it…

Waka-san: The two of you over there, I believe you have made a resolution

Ikki: We did. By the way we weren’t in a dispute in the first place.

Shin: Did Shin tell you anything, Waka-san?

Waka-san: I heard you tried to kiss her but she gave you a slap on the face and went off crying.

Ikki: Uwa, that’s terrible. Only the kiss part was accurate.

Waka-san: Fu, is that so. I’ve already expected that.

Waka-san: But you, your instability is standing out lately.

Waka-san: I was being serious when I said not to let personal matters get in the way of our work. I would also like to keep the commotion at a moderate pace.

Ikki: Yes, sir.

Ikki: I’m beat. The reason why you are acting strangely, is it because of what I did earlier?

Orion: You’re wrong. Maybe.

Ikki: If that’s the case, I’d be happy though. It means you are conscious of me.

Ikki: But the thing is, during those times you were acting strange I can’t remember doing anything to you.

Ikki: I was just persuading you like usual.

Ikki: Do you feel like talking about what happened to you already?

★Nothing has changed.

★…Right now, it’s still a secret.
>!(Ikki: Hn—… Is that so.
Ikki: I thought you trust me, but I guess I was wrong.
Ikki: ….Fuu. It’s unfortunate but until you feel like talking about it I’ll wait a bit longer.)

Orion: …Ah, the truth is as much as possible we would like to talk about it but,

Ikki: It’s your ambiguous behavior we cannot trust! Right!?

Ikki: Anyway, should we just talk about work for now?

Ikki: There’s only the two of us today so we should make sure that one of us can go out anytime to serve the orders.

Ikki: For the mean time you’ll be in-charge of that since it appears like it would be easier for you to do the serving.

Ikki: If any female customers call out for me, let me know so we can exchange places.

Orion: It would be really better for you who has lost her memories to do the serving rather than handle the kitchen without prior information.

Ikki: I’m counting on you.

Orion: So it’s only the two of you today.

Orion: I wonder if staff is only composed of Shin, Ikki and you…

Orion: Having two people around might be enough but wasn’t there a time whent you and Ikki take a leave at the same time?

Orion: I wonder how did it go that day. Let’s check out the shift list later.

Orion: …Ah! Let’s head off to work before the tenchou scolds us.

Orion: Otsukare-sama. Unexpectedly, even with just the two of you around, nothing came up.

Orion: And besides, doing this kind of work is fun. We get to meet different kinds of customers and because you are cute, you are quite popular.

Orion: …Oh, right. We were supposed to check the shift schedule, aren’t we?

Orion: I think it’s just around this room… Aa, it’s here.

Orion: Ah, when you and Ikki took a leave on the first of May, someone named Mine came in.

Orion: Based on the name, this person might be a girl. It seems like she took a long vacation as well. So there are 4 staff members.

Orion: ……

Orion: But still, you sure work hard. 6 days a week!? The shift schedule is filled with black markings!!

Orion: …Hn? This is…

Orion: Ikki, too! He shares the same shift as you. Same working days and same rest days.

Orion: It appears like this one time he took a leave by himself was because of special reason.

Orion: Did you arranged this kind of schedule before hand? Maybe that’s it?

Orion: But… aren’t the two of you working too hard? Why would you work like this?

Orion: Were you even planning of going on a trip together? But if that’s the case I still don’t think you should work too much like this.

Orion: I wonder… if there’s a reason behind it that requires an amount of money.

Orion: …What’s up on this?

Orion: Here, from the 19th until 21st of the month. Both of you are taking a leave. Aside from that, there’s no other long vacation listed here.

Orion: …Perhaps, are you going on a trip?

Orion: …Nah, it can’t be. You don’t even kiss, how can you go on a trip together…

Orion: ……..

Orion: …Uhm, what about we confirm it with Ikki later?

Orion: If we ask about it, maybe there’s really nothing to it.

Ikki: Otsukare-sama. You’re about to leave, right?

Orion: Ah, speak of the devil.

Ikki: I’ll be changing my clothes, so wait for me at the usual place.

Orion: Ha! This time has come…!

Orion: Yosh! Pretend we are about to go home but we’ll actually stalk him to find the usual place where you meet.


Girls: Kyaaaa, Ikki!

Ikki: Yes, yes. Keep it down a bit, okay.

Girl1: Nee, can’t you go home with us today as well?

Ikki: Hn— I’m quite busy with university reports I’m writing.

Girl1: Eh, is that so.

Ikki: Well it’s okay if it’s until half-way only.

Girl2: Ikki is so diligent. Nee, help me out with my studies next time, too

Ikki: I don’t mind. Next time if our schedules match.

Girl2: Mou, even if you say that you won’t really do it, right. It’s a promise, okay?

Ikki: Yes, yes. I got it.

Girl3: Iyaaan~ It’s buttler-ish, so cooooool~!

Orion: …I don’t really get it.

Orion: Why do you have to wait until your boyfriend finishes flirting with other girls.

Orion: This is really weird. I wanna know the reason why you should really wait for this guy.

Orion: Are you alright with this? Aren’t you burning with jealousy?

Orion: Ah… you don’t have your memories with you so it’s not like you can be jealous over someone you don’t really like.

Orion: Ah, he has moved! Yosh, let’s follow him without being noticed, okay!

Orion: 6:10 PM Together with a number of girls he left the area. Trailing begins.

Orion: 6:15 PM Arrived at the train station and departed from the girls. He enters the back street alone.

Orion: Ha, he suddenly started running! Did he notice us following him!?

Orion: At this rate, we might be seen as suspicious! What are you gonna do!?
*/ there are two choice which give two different scenarios so scroll down! :3 /*

★Let him walk away
>!(Orion: Got it. Let’s do this by acting just a passerby.
Orion: ……
Orion: …………………
Orion: ….E- it seems like we lost sight of him. Since we don’t know which way he went, let’s go back to the shop.
Orion: …E-to, it’s good that we didn’t appear suspicious but our tracking failed.
Orion: What are you going to do? You wanna go home? Or will you contact him?
Orion: But I feel like he’ll be in the usual road you take when you go home.
Ikki: Ah, there you are.
Orion: Ah, what is he doing in this place.
Ikki: Where did you go? I was worried you weren’t here.
Orion: A…. Well, uhm…) proceed to F1

★Let’s run after him
>!(Orion: Hmmm. So you think it wasn’t because he noticed us?
Orion: I see. So it’s something like he was just in a hurry to go and see you at the meeting place.
Orion: And with the supposition that he didn’t notice us, let’s hurry and go after him!
Ikki: …….
Orion: The target is standing still. With a bewildered expression on his face he’s looking around him. It appears like this is the target location.
Orion: And it ends! Tracking succeeded!
Orion: Well then prepare yourself and let’s call out to him.
Orion: You can say you bought a juice or something.
Ikki: Eh? There you are. Where did you go?

★I bought a juice
★I bought something to drink

Ikki: Aa, is that so. I’m sorry for making you wait.
Orion: ….Fu! What a perfect excuse for a perfect trailing. Everything’s going according to plan…..!) proceed to F1

Orion: ….Eh? Isn’t this the place where Ikki waited for you the other day?

Orion: With this we’ll be fine even if were told something like “Let’s meet at the usual place”. We’ve made one progress!

Orion: …But still I don’t get why of all places, should you pick this area to be your meeting place.

Orion: We’re home. Welcome home.

Orion: ….tte, aaaah!?

Orion: We were so into finding your meeting place and we forgot to ask him about your long vacation on the 19th, didn’t we…!?

Orion: We totally forgot, huh… We better ask him for sure tomorrow.

Orion: For the mean, what’s important is that we managed to carry out today’s mission completely. Otsukare-sama deshita”

???: Excuse me, the maid-san over there

Orion: Ah, it seems like she’s calling for you

Orion: How unusual, it’s a girl customer and yet she isn’t requesting for Ikki

???: You are so cute, maid-san. If it’s alright with you can I take a photo with you?

Orion: What did she--!?

???: And then, if it’s okay let’s shake hands, too! And can I also have your autograph?

???: Aa, if only I could I’d like to take you home! I want you to make me some tea at home!

???: If you do that in a school festival or something, for sure it’s going to be popular!

???: …Eh? What’s wrong? Did I surprise you that much?

???: O----i? You won’t tell me you don’t know who am I, would you?

Orion: We don’t know. Totally.
Orion: But based on the way she speaks to you, it seems like she’s a friend of yours.

Orion: The type of going to meet you all the way just to surprise you… Most probably, it’s something like that.

Orion: Uhm, I wonder just how close you are to each other. How are you going to react?

★What’s up today?
>!(???: Ee? You’re so cold, I came here to see you in your maid uniform.)

★That surprised me---
>!(???: I know right? I really wanted to see you in your maid uniform so I came here.)

???: It was quite different from the one I’ve imagined but nonetheless it looks good on you.

???: Hey, don’t you have something like regular customer? Or does someone tell you “I am your fan”?

???: Or it’s really mostly fangirls of Ikki-san around?

???: Won’t you feel jealous over that? A, or maybe you’ve got used to it?

???: But I’m sure there are also customers who are eyeing on you! That uniform really looks good on you!

Orion: Wait, miss. Just wait a minute….!

Orion: Don’t just stand there and keep talking, we don’t know anything here.

???: ….? What’s wrong? It seems like you’re not up to it.

???: Ah, I’m sorry. Is this shop strict about working hours and you’d be scolded if you chit-chat?

Orion: Well, we sure have that.

Orion: If we continue on with this, the devil-sergeant-tenchou will surely snap….!

Ikki: Miss, do you find our shop’s maid to your liking?

Orion: Ha….!? Instead of a devil-sergeant, a handsome guy arrived!

???: Fue…..? A………

???: Uhm…. I…. uhm…..

Orion: Uwaaa…. This girl, too….

Orion: Whenever Ikki comes out, girls would be like this….

Orion: But I didn’t expect that even someone who seems like a friend of yours would be like this…

Ikki: Ah, don’t tell me she’s your friend?

Ikki: ……..Ah, I got it. You’re Sawa-chan, a friend from the same university as her, right? I’ve heard stories about you.

Sawa: ….Ah, yes…. Yes, that’s right…. Uhm, you’re Ikki-san….

Ikki: Yes. It’s a pleasure to meet you. Yoroshiku.

Sawa: Yo….yoroshiku onegaishimasu!

Sawa: And uhm! It might be too sudden but do you believe in love at first sight!!

Orion: WHAT?!

Orion: A friend who’ll boldly confess to your boyfriend!?

Ikki: ……I do believe in love at first sight.

Ikki: But I wonder what it’s like in your case. Probably, if I move to your back…

Ikki: How is it? Your feelings changed, didn’t it?

Sawa: ….Eh? What was I doing?

Orion: Ha!? Did she get back to normal!?

Ikki: I’m sorry. I have some unusual condition that whenever someone looks at me in the eyes, they completely start acting strangely.

Sawa: E…. that rumor, is it for real….

Ikki: You just experienced it just now, didn’t you. But as long as you won’t look at my eyes it’s alright.

Sawa: Haa…. That surprised me….

Ikki: The tenchou won’t allow me to wear sunglasses for the sake of the customers. I’m sorry about that, please take your time.

Ikki: Ah, I’ll go and find some excuse to tell Waka-san so you can talk to her for a bit.

Orion: ………

Orion: Right now I feel like I just saw one of those scripted television programs….

Orion: You know, those shows which turns a mushroom-hating person to a mushroom-loving one by some kind of suspicious hypnotism.

Orion: …Is this Ikki’s “unordinary condition”……..?

Orion: It is so far from being a simple human. Why on earth can he do that?

Sawa: Haa, that really surprised me. I’m sorry I babble out foolish stuff even though I’m aware that he’s your boyfriend.

Sawa: But, it really felt like I was under some kind of spell. So that’s why everyone becomes strange.

Sawa: I’m really sorry. What was I doing…

Sawa: Aren’t you mad….?

Orion: Nah, it’s not whether you’re mad or not but to actually see it happen in front of yours, right….

★It’s alright, I don’t mind
>!(Sawa: ….Ha, thank goodness.
Sawa: Well, it’s only natural for you to get used to it, right
Orion: ….I’m not sure about that. I wonder if the you before has already got used to it.)

★Don’t fall in love with him, okay?
Sawa: Wait, don’t tell me you’re serious about him? That’s really unexpected.
Orion: Nah, even I would really think it’s a mystery if the you before happen to be serious over him.)

Sawa: ….To be honest, wanting to see you in your maid uniform was only an excuse

Orion: Eh….?

Sawa: I just wanted to see you. With all those rumors going around, I’ve been wondering just what kind of guy is your boyfriend.

Sawa: I was quite worried… that maybe you got yourself in a bad situation.

Sawa: But still that happened and it cannot be helped.

Sawa: N…. Are you really okay?

Sawa: …He seems like he’s really used to women

Sawa: When I first saw him I thought maybe the rumors are actually true.

Sawa: How is it? So far, does it seem like so….?

Orion: Wait, is she talking about the rumors about his unusual condition?

Orion: Well it’s true that it is becoming troublesome but to the point that it would lead us to something bad…

Orion: Or maybe there are other rumors surrounding him?

Orion: If that’s the case then maybe we could ask her about it…!

★That rumor?
>!(Sawa: Eh… Won’t you be the one who knows more about it? Are you telling me you went out with him without knowing?
Sawa: …Now I’ve become really worried.
Orion: ….Un, it seems like we were so straightforward.
Sawa: But the one that I hear most of the time is that rumor.)

★That rumor, in what way did you hear it?
>!(Sawa : Un… I’ve heard many but the most one I’ve heard is probably that)

Sawa: That he’ll go out with a girl who likes him, do what he wants and after that throws her aside.

Sawa: He’s nice while they’re together. Because it’s a fun game for him to make her even fall for him deeper, that’s what I’ve heard.

Sawa: I honestly thought that the rumor about his eyes was fake.

Sawa: But after experiencing it today first-hand, I’ve changed my mind.

Sawa: ……

Sawa: Etto, this might not be a very good thing to ask but…. Just how far does the two of you have gone?

Sawa: Aa, n… I’m sorry. You’re not good with such kind of topic, right.

Sawa: Ah I just thought after coming here today that the rumor is actually true.

Sawa: It’s because he’s acting as if it’s nothing despite all these rumors going around. He’s just so used to women.

Sawa: If the rumor is true and he’s gone all the way with what he wanted, you might just get thrown away too.

Sawa: But if you are serious about him then it’s better not to let your feelings aside….

Sawa: Because when he finally gets to put you down, everything might be “Game Over” for the two of you.

Sawa: ….and stuff. I’m sorry if I’m meddling too much.

Sawa: ….You’re the one who knows it best. I was just worried that I got carried away, I’m sorry.

Sawa: Ah, you’re working and here I am keeping you.

Sawa: I’ll call you again, go back to your work now.

Orion: …….

Orion: I wonder if it’s true…?

Orion: If it is… And if the you before believes that the rumor is true

Orion: then maybe you really liked him and the reason why you won’t let him kiss you is because you don’t want to get thrown aside…?

Orion: ….Nah, unn… Maybe I’m just thinking too much

Orion: But to have your shifts at the same time and to be able to take it all while seeing him flirt with other girls, there is indeed something not right.

Orion: ………

Orion: Uwaaa--- This is so troublesome! I wanna ask him out directly! I wanna do an interview with Ikki!

Orion: …….

Orion: ….I think it’s better to go back to work now. The look in the tenchou’s eyes hurt.

Orion: Haaaaaaaaa……! Otsukare-sama for today as well.

Orion: But still, today was quite something--

Orion: The rumors about Ikki and the change in that Sawa-chan.

Orion: The reaction Sawa-chan made, no matter how you look at it was simply plain.

Orion: The moment you look into Ikki’s eyes, you’ll find yourself in love with him. That’s what Ikki’s unusual condition is all about…

Orion: With that I now understand why he’s wearing sunglasses…

Orion: ….But still

Orion: Even if it comes from a spirit like me I’m telling you, it is such an unbelievable thing for the human race to have.

Orion: If it happens to be true then it’s gotta be my first to see it first-hand.

Orion: Is he using that power to play around with girls….?

Orion: …Just when we finally get to understand more of Ikki

Orion: So he's this rumored "he'll do what he wants and after that throws you aside" guy, huh…

Orion: …Uhm for now let’s go to bed and rest!

Orion: Let’s just think about it tomorrow, okay?


Ikki: Ah, good morning. It's gotten colder today, isn't it? ...but considering it's August it might be strange thing to say.

Ikki: Be careful not to catch a cold, let's work hard today as well.

Orion: ...Aa... Today's Ikki is all smiling and sparkling again, isn't he?

Orion:While here we are, over thinking about the rumors about him...

Orion:Haa... If only we have someone other than Sawa-chan whom we could ask about it...

Orion:If we were to ask Shin, I'm sure he'll only cut us out with a "It's none of my business"

Orion:If we were to ask Tenchou, he'll only scold us with "Love affair talks again! You're slacking too much!"

Orion:As if we can ask Ikki, himself "Are you going out with girls just to throw them away after you're done?" Of course we can't do that.

Orion:...Well at least, Ikki thinks you don't like him.

Orion:But there's also a possibility that you're only pretending so Ikki won't throw you away...

Orion:In the end, the only one who knows the truth is the you before you lost your memories...

Shin: What are you standing there? The tenchou's coming.

Orion: Uh!! It's time.

Orion: Yosh! Nothing will happen even if we think about it now.

Orion: Let's do what we need to and expect you'll retrieve some of your memories today!

Orion: For now, let's think about doing work! Time to change into your traditional maid uniform!


Girls: Kyaa, Ikki!

Ikki: Yes, yes. Keep it down a bit, okay?

Orion: ....

Orion: ........

Orion: ..............

Orion: But still...

Orion: Even if it's all because of his powers...

Orion: He was wearing sunglasses today and yet what's with those girls squealing all around?

Orion: You mean, even without the powers, Ikki's just plain irresistible?


Ikki: Sorry for making you wait. Hm.... You don't look too well. Did something happen?

Ikki: Which reminds me, you were quite like that since morning. The Tenchou mentioned about you "not having enough energy"

Orion: It's all your fault!

Ikki: Hey, don't tell me you're sick? And I even thought you're feeling better recently...

Ikki: Be careful, the temperature's strange too. If you get sick you won't be able to go ti Shinano...

Orion: It's not like... wait

Orion: Shinano?!

Orion: Shinano... That's a wonderful tourist spot over the mountains during a normal summer season...!

Orion: Hey, don't you think that might have something related to the 19th of this month!?

Orion: Oooo. Ikki, what a good topic you've brought out!

Orion: Yosh! Let's ask about Shinano subtly!

★Are you done with your preparations for the 19th?
>!Ikki: It's not like we really have anything to prepare for... What's wrong?
Ikki: Don't tell me you still need to get some stuff? I can help you if you want...
Ikki: But since it might cause some ruckus, I couldn't really go shopping with you, right.
Orion: Uhm... This is....
Orion: It's vague but it seems like Ikki's got plans from the 19th, too... right?
Orion: The problem is... if it's going to be a lovey-dovey vacation trip for the two of you!
Ikki: If there's anything you need to get, why don't you ask Sawa-chan to go with you?
Ikki: Sawa-chan's coming too, isn't she? The girl last time, right? I'm looking forward.
Orion: Eh? Sawa-chan, "too"?
Orion: Then that means... Ikki "too"?

★What time are we going to leave again?
>!Ikki: Eh... Saa. Isn't that supposed to be decided by the coordinator? I haven't heard anything yet though. Why?
Orion: Coordinator? You have one?
Orion:But if says "I haven't heard anything yet though" then that means Ikki's going, too.

Orion:In other words, it's not going to be just the two of you but more like a group tour, right!?

Ikki: You're thinking about that, are you that excited for the trip? I don't think we can have some time alone, though...

Ikki: Right. How about we sneak out at night? If we can be alone together I don't mind.

Ikki: I'm sure the stars will be wonderful. We might even see stars we can't see around this area.

Ikki: Hey, I wanna see that with just the two of us. Just you and me... What do you think? Sounds good, doesn't it?

Ikki: .......

Ikki: ...Just kidding

Ikki: Before we could do that, I still need to make you fall before the day of the trip arrives, don't I?

Ikki: Hn... Still 2 more weeks to go... Normally it would be "No problem" but because it's you...

Ikki: What? Won't you give in now? I think, the trip would be better if you will?

Ikki: We're working all summer, so I'd like to spend the trip in nicely with you. I won't do anything you hate you know.

Ikki: ...No?

Ikki: ...Well, of course it's a no. Because if you were to say yes over these words, I wouldn't be having any problems here now.

Ikki: *sigh* I guess I really need to work hard, eh.

Ikki: ----A. At least don't fall for any other men save for me, okay.

Orion: Fall or whatsoever, are those words a boyfriend would usually say? Sounds strange.

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