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[TL] Amnesia World Character CD : Luka and Nova (WIP)

Amnesia Character CD - Luka & Nova Mini Drama
(CV. Hosoya Yoshimasa + Hanae Natsuki)


This drama CD was fun! I have listened to it for around 10 times now and I still find it amusing. It was very difficult to translate though, so many unfamiliar words for me and they have like looooong lines… ;A; I did my best, it would be great if you could enjoy this CD as much as I did! This is still a work in progress, please check back later!
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* () are my side notes.

Nova: Amnesia World. Character CD. Mini Drama.
Luka: Luka’s Imaginary Radio Program

Nova: I’ve been wondering for the longest time... Luka’s an artist, right?

Luka: Ah, that’s right seirei-kun. A ranked and enthusiastic patriot artist who pursues beauty… That is… Me!!!

Nova: So what does an artist like you make? In my home I heard they make vegetables.

Luka: Ve-vegetables?! What’s that about? Well I’m the type of artist who doesn’t get easily swayed by the shape of things. It depends on the situation, each product changes so there is a possibility that MAYBE I do make vegetables at times. By the way, we suddenly started off right away, is that okay? Shouldn’t we do an explanation of some sort to the listener? Which reminds me, even I don’t have a full understanding of what is this all about.

Nova: Ah! Right! Indeed, having Luka and myself conversing like this is confusing. Well then, before we proceed to the explanation shall we start off with Luka’s self-introduction? Do it like we’re in a radio-program and in a cool way okay?

Luka: A cool self-introduction, huh? Hm… Nice to meet you everyone. A ranked and enthusiastic patriot artist who pursues beauty… That is ME! Luka!!!

Nova: I think I’ve heard the exact same phrase just a while ago… Well… I guess it’s okay. Nice to meet you everyone, a representative* of God who grants everyone’s wishes, I’m Nova! This fictional radio program is brought to you by a fictional town, from a fictional country, of a fictional world.
(I’m not sure if he really mean representative, I couldn’t find the word he used…)

Luka: Eh?! Don’t tell me everything’s fictional?!

Nova: Un! In other words, this radio program is the result when I granted Luka’s wish to have more exposure. To put it simply, this world is like a dream which is only visible to Luka. That’s why this world has totally nothing to do with the real world, it’s a place where the two of us who can never interact with each other in the real world could talk like this. If I were to put a title for it… I think “Luka’s Imaginary Radio Program” would do!

Luka: I see… Somehow I understood the situation we are in. However, as far as I could understand from your explanation, I’m not only imagining it when it seemed like I’m just a poor lone guy here who enjoys all of this inside his mind...right? It would have been better if my wish was granted in a more… proper way…

Nova: …Haha… My apologies… The truth is I just became God’s representative quite recently so I still haven’t got the hang of my powers yet. But regardless of how your wish was granted, I think it would be nice if we could enjoy it!

Luka: Well… If you put it that way then I guess it can’t be helped. It’s not nice to waste seirei-kun’s story after all.

Nova: Thank you, Luka. Well then, shall we start? Luka’s Imaginary Radio Program… Start!

Luka: Eh?! Are we seriously gonna use that as an official title?!

---to be continued---

-H i m i t s u ☆

[TL] Yandere Heaven Karei Naru Sanjou-ke Hen


Yandere Heaven Karei Naru Sanjou-ke Hen
*Official Homepage*

Minase : Morikawa Toshiyuki
Yamashina : Kakihara Tetsuya

*Italicized texts are the characters monologues.
*Words in () and [[]] are my notes.
*I wasn't able to proof-read this so there might be some typographical errors. I apologize in advance.

Word Bank:
Ojou-sama – young miss, miss (listener)
Nee-sama – sister (more polite) (listener)
Nii-sama – brother (more polite)
Danna-sama – listener’s father/Master
Oku-sama – listener’s mother/Madam
*I sometimes refer to them “they” or “them” unless individually mentioned.

Track 01:
Minase: Ojou-sama I have brought you a glass of water. It will help you feel better. Everything that happened a while ago was out of the blue that even I was surprised. An engagement announcement at a time like this? It was my first time hearing about it. I don’t get what they were thinking when ojou-sama has not acknowledged it herself… I would not blame you if you got surprised like that. However, by how your parents reacted it seems like the only ones who know nothing about it are you and me. *sigh*
(Ojou-sama laughs if off)
Minase: What are you saying as if you’re an outsider to this issue? It’s about your future, you should think about this more seriously.
Yamashina: Nee-sama!
Minase: And here comes the noisy brat.
Yamashina: You’re here! I couldn’t see you so I looked for you everywhere!
Minase: Yamashina-sama, please tone down your voice.
Yamashina: Eh? Minase… Ah, ne! Were you surprised a while ago? I wanted to surprise you! How was it?
Minase: Yamashina-sama… You caused ojou-sama such a shock. Would you please give her some time?
Yamashina: Tch. You’ve been nagging too much. Will you please keep quiet? Or rather, leave us alone cause I want to talk to nee-sama.
Minase: I refuse.
Yamashina: Huh?! Is a servant trying to stand up to me?
Minase: It is not anything like that. However, there are many people present here, it wouldn’t be strange if anything happens.
Yamashina: What? Are you saying that our security isn’t reliable? They’re pretty strict on security today though.
Minase: I was not thinking that they’re unreliable. However, as ojou-sama’s butler I cannot possible leave her alone.
Yamashina: You… You’ve been like that ever since. You’re always with nee-sama. But from now on, I’ll be the one to protect her so starting tomorrow I’ll always be by her side, so don’t worry!
Minase: Starting tomorrow? What do you mean?
Minase: What do I mean? Well, starting tomorrow I’ll be living in the villa as well! We’ll always be together nee-sama!
Yamashina: *sigh* I feel like I heard an auditory hallucination… Should I believe in it, too?
Yamashina: Ahhh--- You don’t believe me, I see. But I already have my stuff packed.
Minase: I understood that Yamashina-sama is serious. But I believe the Madam would not keep silent knowing that a young boy is to live with her young girl under the same roof.
Yamashina: She said she’s happy to have another son.
Minase: Wh---W…Well she’s just like that but the master will surely---
Yamashina: He told me to take care of her daughter.
Minase: Ku--! Just when did all of this happen? I'm sure I paid enough attention to not let an unnecessary insect get in the way...
Yamashina: Hnnn~ Did you say anything?
Minase: Nothing.
Yamashina: The truth is I really wanted to do this sooner. But since I was still young I was not allowed. However, I wanted to be with nee-sama even just a day longer so I worked hard! I studied Confucianism and other things under my brothers.
Minase: There was a story going around for too long in the main house for some time, now I understand what it is.
Yamashina: I’m serious about nee-sama! I’ve only wanted nee-sama to be my bride ever since I was young.
Minase: Yamashina-sama, I totally understand your feelings however, this engagement was brought on without the ojou-sama permiss…
Yamashina: This is a problem between nee-sama and me, outsiders should keep their mouths shut.
Minase: That I cannot do. For the sake of ojou-sama…Eh? Ojou-sama?
(Ojou-sama asks for some time to think)
Yamashina: Some time to think?
Minase: O-ojou-sama…
Yamashina: Nee-sama, are you against marrying me? Are you planning to marry someone else? I… I don’t want that!
(Ojou-sama says she needs to sort out her feelings)
Yamashina: Sort out your feelings? I understand… Then please think about it until you’re ready.
Minase: And with that, this means that Yamashina-sama’s plan to move in will be cancel---
Yamashina: If you’re going to think about it, then it will be better for us to live together. I want you to know me more before you decide.
(Ojou-sama agrees XD lol)
Minase: Ojou-sama!? What did you just…
Yamashina: Right?! I know nee-sama more as well!
Minase: Are you serious? If you’re going to take it back you better take it back soon!
Yamashina: Whaaaat? Is the butler trying to go against his master’s will?
Minase: Ga---It’s not like…
Yamashina: From now on I’ll be in your care, nee-sama!
Minase: I have a feeling that I’ll be having a headache tomorrow onwards. *sigh*


Track 02
Yamashina: Fuuu~ It’s done! Finally we’ll always be together!
Minase: Hmmm…
Yamashina: What are you going to do after this? Want to go shopping? Or any place you want to go to?
Minase: I’m sorry but the ojou-sama has a scheduled leave today. Moreover, is it okay for you not to go to school? If you go now, you can still catch up with the afternoon classes…
Yamashina: Tch… You’re so noisy. Today’s the establishment anniversary of the school.
Minase: That’s strange… According to my memory Shinsei Academy’s establishment anniversary has finished some time ago.
Yamashina: Kuu--- It’s okay to take a leave out of school for a day! My attendance is pretty good.
Minase: Is that so? Well then, how about the company?
Yamashina: Why are you mentioning the company? You’re out of it!
Minase: You’re learning for the sake of ojou-sama, aren’t you?
Yamashina: Kuu--- You! You’re making fun of me.
Minase: -giggle- I am not making fun of you. It’s sarcasm.
Yamashina: You!!! Uh…
-door opens-
Yamashina: From nii-sama? Tch… At a time like this… nee-sama, I’ll just go out for a bit.
Minase: -sigh- He finally went out. What is it, ojou-sama?
Minase: Get along? With Yamashina-sama? Even if it’s coming from you, it’s just that we are not on the same page. I don’t think it’s possible.
Minase: It’s not about hate or like. Well… but to be frank, I am not very fond of him. However, I am not sure if he’s really serious about ojou-sama or… Ngh… It doesn’t mean that I like him just because I said I don’t hate him…
Minase: Aaa… Lifetime wish, is it? That line, I feel like I’ve heard of it a thousand times… I wonder how many lifetimes does the ojou-sama has…
Minase: Please, don’t make such a face. I have never, even once, failed to fulfill your wish. –sigh- as much as I could, I will do my best. Although I think it’s impossible.
Minase: No. Please don’t mind me. Oh, we ran out of drink. Would you like another glass?
Minase: Understood. Well then, I’ll bring it over in a minute.

Yamashina: Are…Nee-sama is alone. Where is Minase?
Yamashina: Is that so… Ah! Then before he returns, let’s go out on a date! Date!
Yamashina: Ah… No? Why?
Yamashina: I want to play and have fun with nee-sama. I have never played with just nee-sama… I’ve never even went out with just the two of us… Not even once. I always got told not to go out, and because I thought you were feeling bored I even tried taking you out secretly but as soon as we reached the exit, that butler will always be there waiting. He always said he’s got work to do at the places where he saw us, but don’t you think it’s strange?!
(Ojou-sama tells him that he’s just doing his job)
Yamashina: Job? That’s not a job! It’s simply jealousy. He doesn’t want you to be taken away by me, nor leave us alone that’s why he always interferes. That’s why I hate him! Wh..What, nee-sama?
(Ojou-sama asks him to get along with Minase)
Yamashina: Huh?! Were you listening to what I was saying? That guy, I hate him! I don’t like him! Even if it’s nee-sama’s favor, I would never do it. Why do I have to get along with that kind of guy?
(04:55) A…N…. You know I’m weak against that! Aaa, mou… I can never win against you. I’m all right with a walk, but only for a little while! *sigh*
Minase: Oya~ You look so happy. Did anything fun happen?
Yamashina: Ah… Bring me something to drink, too. Let’s see… I’d like to have some coffee---
Minase: I refuse.
Yamashina: Huh?!?! You’re a butler, aren’t you?!
Minase: I am, to ojou-sama. I do not take orders from Yamashina-sama.
Yamashina: What’s up with that?!
Minase: Ojou-sama? Ah… I understand. I saw Yamashina-sama’s helper, I’ll go call him.
Yamashina: Nee-sama… and you said to get along with that guy?
(Ojou-sama gives him a quick “Yes” lol)
Yamashina: What an immediate reply!! *sigh*
Yamashina: I think it’s about time I do something about this…

Track 03
Yamashina: Nee-sama, what kind of wedding ceremony do you like?
Minase: Huh?
Yamashina: Why are you reacting instead? I’m not asking you.
Minase: I understood that it was not for me. Ahem. It was such a sudden remark that I unconsciously reacted.
Yamashina: Sudden? I’m her fiancé, so it’s normal. And here I was, thinking I’d like to enjoy my life with nee-sama but a certain loud mouth interferes.
Minase: Are you talking about me, Yamashina-sama?
Yamashina: Oh… I was talking with a low voice though… Sorry, sorry.
Minase: Geh… Going back to the topic, the contents of the ceremony have been decided.
Yamashina: Huh? I didn’t hear anything about it.
Minase: Oya~ I thought you were informed since you are ojou-sama’s fiancé. –giggle- Is that so… Please excuse me.
Yamashina: Tch… You… Hah! Even if you said it’s already been decided those are just traditions from a long time ago. Leave those to the succeeding brother, having one successor is enough. It has nothing to do with me and nee-sama.
Minase: But this is something only ojou-sama can do. People who are out of it should not meddle.
Yamashina: Huh? What do you mean?
Minase: It has been passed for generations and to ojou-sama, this pure white kimono which appears to symbolize the ojou-sama herself! Under any circumstances, she must wear this and proceed with the ceremony.
Yamashina: Uh... Oi… Where did you get that from?
Minase: What are you talking about?
Yamashina: Haaah….
Minase: This bridal robe has been passed on by the women of the family. The last one who wore it was the master’s younger sister. The ojou-sama’s aunt. And roughly twenty years after that…
Yamashina: Uhm you know what, sorry to interrupt you but… she’s not wearing that.
Minase: What are you saying?!
Yamashina: I’ve already decided to make nee-sama wear a wedding dress that has never been worn before.
Minase: If it’s going to be a dress, then wouldn’t it be good to have it during the reception?
Yamashina: We can’t have that! Don’t you want to see nee-sama in a dress??
Minase: Ku---Well…
Yamashina: I think it would be pretty. NO! I can affirm that it will be pretty!
Minase: Y…You’re right. Ojou-sama will certainly look good in a dress.
Yamashina: I know right!!!
Minase: However… This and that are different stories. Even if it’s Yamashina-sama I will not allow it.
Yamashina: But I made a promise with nee-sama that I’ll make her wear the best wedding dress in the world! That’s why I will never allow it.
Minase: Promise?
Yamashina: Yeah! Nee-sama, you remember, don’t you? Eh?
Minase: O-ojou-sama… You don’t look good…
Yamashina: Don’t tell me… You don’t remember? That’s impossible! There’s no way nee-sama would forget the promise she made with me. We even did the pinky swear! Did you also forget that??
Minase: Y…Yamashina-sama?
Yamashina: Ahahaha… You’re playing tricks on me again, aren’t you? Ne, I’m right, am I not? But I won’t get tricked anymore. Nee-sama, hurry! Hurry and remember! Hurry! Hurry!
Minase: Yamashina-sama!!!
Yamashina: ?!
Minase: Ojou-sama’s scared. If you continue this any further…
Yamashina: I…It was a joke. Don’t take it seriously. I’m going back to my room.
-Yamashina walks away-

Minase: Are you all right? Ojou-sama, you don’t look good. I’ll go get you some water. Please wait a minute.
-Minase walks away-
Minase: I never thought you would remember such a promise. That kind of childhood promise, I thought you’d get over it after some time… There must be something done about this… In order to prevent ojou-sama from getting hurt any further… And to protect ojou-sama. No matter what happens, this engagement must be cancelled!

Track 04:
Yamashina: Nee-sama, it’s me. May I come in?
-opens door-
Yamashina: Do you have time right now? I want you to come with me. It’s hard to talk in here.
Minase: Please do not mind me. I would not mind if you continue your conversation either.
Yamashina: It’s impossible in this room. Aside from me, there are other visitors. They’re already at the reception room so we better hurry as well.
Minase: Yamashina-sama, please wait a minute.
Minase: Ojou-sama!...
Minase: …the master and madam are both inside. Yamashina-sama’s parents as well… They’re probably talking about the engagement right now however, what bothers me is that there wasn’t any contact from her brother. The master said that once he arrives there’ll be an announcement but it seems like they’re deliberately trying to avoid contacting me. However, they won’t win against me. No matter what.
Minase: It’s been almost an hour. Are they not done yet?
-door opens-
Minase: Ojou-sama! What happened? What did you talk about?
Yamashina: I’ll be the one to tell you.
Minase: Yamashina-sama!
Yamashina: The date for the ceremony has been decided. And for that I would like you to take over all the preparations needed.
Minase: Wh---
Yamashina: We decided to go with my suggestion for the ceremony’s content. Nee-sama’s parents have also agreed. Get the documents from my butler later for more information. Do you have any problems with that?
Minase: None.
Yamashina: Un. All right then, I’ll be leaving for school.
Minase: Ojou-sama what do you think of this engagement?
(Ojou-sama tells him his question was too sudden)
Minase: It isn’t. I have been thinking about it ever since it was announced. How do you feel about it all? If you are willingly doing this from the bottom of your heart, then I won’t have any objections. However, I feel like that is not the case. That’s why I want to hear it straight from your lips. If you do not wish for this marriage to happen, then I’ll do everything to oppose for your sake. I will make a way for a future that you wish for. Even if it means betraying your father’s trust. I will save you with everything I have. Please think about it, I’ll be waiting for your orders.

Minase: It’s about time to eat. I’ll go prepare the food, until then please wait inside your room.

Yamashina: I knew there was something off… That butler, what on earth is he thinking? Shit. If this continues everything will end up in vain. Is there anything… Anything to secure nee-sama… Anything… Hah! Right… Why didn’t I think of it… There’s still an option. –giggles- With this… Nee-sama will be…


Track 05 : The night before the wedding
-knock knock-
Yamashina: It’s me… May I come in?
-enters the room-
Yamashina: For some reasons, I felt like I wanted to see your face. Of course I’d feel nervous! Nee-sama’s going to be my wife after all. I feel nervous, or maybe excited…
(Ojou-sama says that nothing changes in your relationship)
Yamashina: Nothing will change? Right… Nee-sama sees it that way… As I’ve thought it’s only me who loves nee-sama, it’s only me who thinks of no one else but nee-sama. I’ve only had my eyes on nee-sama… Nee-sama doesn’t like me, right? I have never heard you say it. Maybe it’s just me who thought otherwise. But that’s not the case, right? You wouldn’t do such a thing. You were just being shy to the point that you cannot say it. Right? I won’t do anything… But… I think it was the perfect time to ask you about it. Before our relationship changes, please tell me how you really feel. I want to hear it from your lips.

Yamashina: Did you… hear anything about the situation of the Sanjou family? -giggle- Is that so? So you knew… Then you cannot say you hate me, right? In exchange for our wedding, our family would support your family’s company. This is a political marriage of convenience, so you can’t really refuse.
Yamashina: Hnn…. Is that how it is? At first you weren’t really into it but half-way your attitude changed I thought it was quite strange. If that’s the case then it’s fine, nothing will change even if I ask you now. Why? Because nee-sama is mine now. Right? Haha~ My nervousness has gone away after talking. Let’s make it a good wedding ceremony, okay?
Yamashina: Oh, right. It’s better not to think of running away… Cause who knows what will happen not only to you but as well as the Sanjou family… But then again, run away if you can… I’ll go pick you up no matter where you go. Remember that.

Minase: Ojou-sama, I know it’s late but may I come in?
Minase: I saw Yamashina-sama went out of this room… I was quite worried.
(Ojou-sama: I’m okay)
Minase: You are clearly not okay. I must take care of you* so that you won’t get violated.
(he used the term “onmi” which is a polite term for body)
(Ojou-sama says that he's only over-reacting)
Minase: Over-reacting? Ojou-sama is only being too naïve. You have no idea how many times I’ve thought about not letting you out of this mansion… No… Not even out of this room. Hm… My desire to monopolize is quite strong. You are my only master and I will never allow others to have you. I have yearned for you for so long…even before you were born.
Minase: Don’t you think it’s strange? Imagine… even before you were born. Let’s see… Premonition has something to do with it. Just like your father, you have such a gentle heart. And to your mother who gave birth to such a precious child, I swore to give my everything. That’s why I want you to be happy. If you run away with me right now, we can make it in time. If that is what your heart says, please take my hand. I, Minase, will be the one to save you from this prison.

Yamashina: And you think I’d allow that?
Minase: Yamashina-sama…
Yamashina: -giggle- As I’ve expected… The moment I make my move, I was sure you’d do something.
Minase: Is there anything you need?
Yamashina: What are you playing dumb for? You’re only wasting your time if you’re planning to take nee-sama away from here. I was planning to tighten the security tonight anyway. I won’t let even a single mouse get away.
Minase: And that’s the very reason I called this place prison. Is imprisoning your wife-to-be your way of doing things?
Yamashina: -giggle- You sure say interesting stuff. It’s not like I’m imprisoning nee-sama. Well, I did make sure she can’t run away. It’s out of her will to stay here though, right?
Minase: Ojou-sama, you don’t have to answer. A selfish person such as him is not suited for you. Doing shady things as to not halt the engagement…
Yamashina: You’re the one to talk.* You made a suspicious girl cling around my brother, instigated a man who would resent the Yamashina family, I did my research as well you know.
(I had a hard time understanding this part so I’m not very confident of how accurate this part is…)
Minase: Is that so? If you couldn’t even do that then it wouldn’t be a competition. And besides, I still have one more trap laid for you.
Yamashina: What? Is that a bluff? I’ve had you under surveillance, letters, phone calls, everything; I had checked. On top of that I got rid of everything that might be harmful.
Minase: And so? Do you want to test it out?
-fire alarm goes off-
Minase: See?
Yamashina: You… What did you do??
Minase: Just a little explosion.
Yamashina: What? That can’t be. You don’t even have the time to make one!
Minase: Yamashina-sama has the habit of overestimating his own ability, I see. That’s why you don’t see what’s hidden behind everything.
Yamashina: You…
Minase: Are you sure that everyone in your security is someone you can trust?
Yamashina: Of course! I made sure--- Don’t tell me!!
Minase: -giggle- It seems like you are not aware of a traitor.
Yamashina: S-Shit…
Minase: I didn’t think it would turn out this way either. Well then ojou-sama, shall we go?
Yamashina: Hold it right there! I will never let you have nee-sama! Are you sure it’s okay to piss me off? You know what’s gonna happen to Sanjou family!
Minase: Haah~ I don’t. I don’t have any idea what is going to happen to the main family. I don’t care as long as I have ojou-sama beside me. That kind of threat might work on ojou-sama, but not to me.
Yamashina: Are you going to betray your own brother?! You’re going to betray the head of Sanjou family who trusts you so much!*
(Since Yamashina used “omae” I think he was talking to Minase…It seems like Minase’s brother is the main butler of the main family)
Minase: If I was not prepared for that I would not have done this in the first place.
Yamashina: Nee-sama! Nee-sama won’t go with that kind of person, right? If you stay with him, you’ll be in danger! I will worry so much if you go with him! Ne, what is it that you don’t like about me? If there is something wrong with me, then tell me!! I’ll change it! Ne? So please, nee-sama---!!
Minase: What a performance. Let’s go out of this room---
Yamashina: Nee-sama!! Don’t go. I… I… I just want you to be happy. You said you wanted to wear a white dress when we were still young, that’s why I’ve decided to make that wish come true. We did the pinky swear that time! Nee-sama couldn’t remember it anymore but I remember it perfectly! I will protect that promise! I will make you the happiest bride! Just stay with me!!
Minase: You don’t have to listen to him, let’s go.
Yamashina: Don’t touch nee-sama!!!
Minase: Aaaa… You’re noisy. As much as possible I didn’t want to use violence but…
Yamashina: What? Are you threatening me? Are you going to pull out a gun?!
Minase: No. I don’t need to use a weapon against Yamashina-sama. Hn, my bare hands are enough.
Yamashina: Are you sure?? If you do that, you won’t get away that easily.
Minase: Don’t worry. I will not take your life, I will just have to make your sleep a little.
Yamashina: You---
Minase: My apologies, ojou-sama but please stay out of this.
Yamashina: Nee-sama is… (protecting me) I knew it! Nee-sama’s on my side!
Minase: Ojou-sama why are you--- The smoke… It seems like we don’t have much time to talk. Ojou-sama, let’s go and---
Yamashina: Don’t touch her! The only person who can touch her is me!
Minase: Yamashina-sama… Would you not touch her with your filthy hands?!
Yamashina: Nee-sama will come with me, right? Right?
Minase: No. Ojou-sama is going with me. Right, ojou-sama?
Yamashina: Nee-sama, what are you confused about?!
Minase: Ojou-sama, I think the answer is clear…
Yamashina: Nee-sama!
Minase: Ojou-sama!
Yamashina: You’ll take my hand, won’t you?
Minase: Please take my hand!!

Minase: Ojou-sama! Please choose me!
Yamashina: Nee-sama! Choose me!


Track 06:
Yamashina: Ah it feels great, isn’t it nee-sama?! Ah… We’re already married so I think it’s only right to call you by your name. Ah… But… It’s quite embarrassing, right? We’ll get used to it slowly, so for now… Nee-sama will do. Hn? What’s wrong? Why the long face? Are you bored?


Yamashina: You’re worried about Minase? Don’t make such a worried face! He’s okay, he’s alive. I didn’t lock him up, nor constraint him, not even drugged him to sleep… I won’t do such things. However, I did ask for a favor from his brother (head butler?) when I said I wanted to go on a trip for our honeymoon. And I think he even apologized for the trouble that his younger brother caused. Oh? Where are going? I didn’t really think about it, to be honest. I just thought if I were to go on a trip with nee-sama, a trip on a ship would be nice. No one can bother us if we go to see after all!

Yamashina: Passengers? I bought this ship so it’s normal that there won’t be any other passengers here. This ship is reserved only to us! That’s why we are free to go anywhere. Anywhere in this world! It would also be interesting if we go around the world from here on. Sightseeing while we eat delicious food, then we’ll go buy souvenirs~ Don’t you think it’s awesome?! Hm?? You want to go home?? Even if it’s a favor from nee-sama, I cannot allow that. I’m not planning to go back to Japan. Why? Because we’re going to live in a place where no one knows us. If we do that, nee-sama will only look at me. Nee-sama will only rely on me and need me. This ship is equipped with many facilities so it won’t be inconvenient living here. I don’t like the fact that there are workers here though. But without them the ship won’t function so it can’t be helped. That’s why you can’t talk to anyone else but me! Nee-sama is mine. You should always be beside me. You understand, right?

-phone rings-

Yamashina: Nee-sama’s phone?? You’re still carrying this?! A call from Minase? Nice timing…
Hello? Nee-sama? Yes, I’m with her. From now on I’ll be protecting nee-sama in your place, so don’t worry and stay there at home. Well… I don’t think we’re going home anymore anyway…

-hangs up-

Yamashina: I’ll be holding on to this phone, okay? Why? You don’t need it anymore, right? I’m here anyway, you won’t use it. Apart from that, aren’t you cold? Because the sea breeze is cold. See? Even your fingertips are cold! When you took my hand yesterday, I was so happy. I was worried that what I did was wrong but when held my hand I felt relieved. That’s why I’ve decided I will never leave you alone. We’re finally alone together. I promise to never let go of this hand. *kiss* A kiss of promise… Allow it at least! ‘Cause finally… Finally. I was desperate when we were young, the wish I’ve always hoped for is finally here. My dream of becoming nee-sama’s knight has been granted. That’s why if you’re not here with me, if you’re not beside me, I won’t be able to protect you… So please stay with me… Promise me? Right, let’s do the pinky swear like we used to. Promise me you’ll stay with me forever… This time don’t forget, okay? If you do… Well, I don’t think you will because I will never separate myself from you. Never. We’ll be together… forever…


Track 07
Minase: You better not struggle, ojou-sama. I ask you to behave until we reach the gate. If we get caught here, you know that there’s a far worse lifestyle waiting for you. And if that happens I will no longer be able to protect you. I will no longer be able to stay by your side, nor be able to love you as well. That’s why we can never go back. It’s okay, you chose to be with me after all so I will do everything to protect you. Just please bear with it a bit more. You’re okay with that, right?

Minase: This is going to be our new home. What do you think? I prepared it according to your taste. Do you like it? Hmm? You don’t look good… I apologize I was not able to notice it sooner. I will go and prepare your bed. What’s wrong? Go back? To where? I’ve told you earlier, right? We can never go back. If you think that if we go back and apologize, we’ll be forgiven that easily then I suggest you better think things over. Apologize and be forgiven, it only happens in your childhood. This engagement has involved both families. Supporting each other in times of harmony… What a wonderful relationship, isn’t it? However, you ruined it. It’s not the same thing as breaking a flower vase. Or… that time you took my hand, was it only a lie?

Minase: If that’s the case then please don’t say things like wanting to go home. I will support you with all I have. No matter what happens, I will always be by your side. Please don’t worry. I’m just here. I will make you happy forever. No one lives around this area. Nobody knows us. Nobody would criticize us, we don’t have to worry about anything. It’s okay. Ahh…Finally, you’ve become my only ojou-sama. You have no idea how long I’ve waited for this to happen. Saa, please show me your face.

Minase: Even the embarrassed you is precious. From here on, with that voice of yours, please call on my name only. In your eyes only my figure, in your ears only my voice, it’s okay not to know anybody else. The only person allowed to touch such delicate skin… is me. And the only one allowed to leave marks on you… is me. You don’t like it? That’s okay. I won’t do anything. It’s still early for that, that’s why don’t worry and please leave yourself under my care. Stop? Why? You’ve become mine, I must leave a mark so that you’ll never go away, you’ll never forget and you’ll always remember.

Minase: …So that someday when I’m gone, you will always remember me… With all you have, I want you to remember me. The time I can spend with you is not that long, that’s why I want to cherish this chance that I can be with you. This is my only wish. Will you please think about? As if… I wonder what will you do if I go. Just kidding… I will never leave you alone, that’s why please don’t leave me alone, too. No matter what happens I know you won’t be able to run away from here but even if you try to… I will have to do something about it. But in this place where nobody but us live, no one will come to help. We have all the time in this world… Let’s fall together., ojou-sama…


Notes: I apologize for my long absence. I will be continuing from here since the other two drama CDs were already translated. ^^

For translation updates and art posts please visit and like my page at:

- H i m i t s u

Cintiq for Left-handed People

OS' Windows 8.1
Tablet: Wacom Cintiq13HD

This is for the left-handed people who bought their Cintiq13HD in Japan.
I am not sure if other versions are like this but the one from Japan doesn't have the Display option under the Wacom Tablet Settings where you can flip the tablet display.
We all know that the buttons are on the left side of the tablet which makes it for left-handed people to fully utilize them. One option is rotating your display 180 degrees so you ca flip your tablet to move the buttons to the right, but not only does your tablet display gets flipped, your monitor display as well.
I tried looking for ways but I couldn't find one... Maybe I just missed on some really useful links though.
Anyway, please try this:

Please let me know if it doesn't work.

Hope it helps!
- H i m i t s u ☆

Flash Problem

While I was listening to my friend's namahousou on NND, I realized I wasn't able to type in Japanese in the comment field. What I did was type on a notepad file then copy paste for the mean time. LOL

Then I tried googling in Japanese and I found out what to do to fix this. It worked for me, I hope it will work on you, too!

If you cannot type Japanese on (NND) Nico Nico Douga try this


For Vista32 users, navigate to:

Then look for this file:

Right click and open it with notepad, change the contents to this then save:


If you're not able to save it like me, copy the original mms.cgi file to another folder then edit it there. For some reason I was able to edit it that way, then delete the one on the flash folder then move the edited mms.cgi file in there instead. Restart Firefox and check if it's working.

Just in case anything happens, I suggest you save a back-up file of the original mms.cgi file :D

I hope this helps.

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